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Apple Adjustable Keyboard Explained

On January 1, 1993, Apple introduced a groundbreaking keyboard that forever changed the way users interacted with their computers. The Apple Adjustable Keyboard, part of the Apple Keyboard series, offered a revolutionary typing experience, customization, and ergonomic design.

The Apple Adjustable Keyboard was a game-changer for users who sought a more tailored typing experience. Its standout feature was the ability to adjust the keyboard’s angle to meet individual needs, setting a new standard for comfort and ergonomics. Regardless of skill level, users could now enjoy a typing experience that reduced strain and enhanced productivity.

In addition to its innovative adjustability, the keyboard boasted contoured plastic wrist rests, elevating user comfort even further. The inclusion of a separate keypad with function keys and arrow keys expanded the keyboard’s functionality, enabling more convenient and efficient navigation. Apple’s attention to detail was evident in the keyboard’s sleek and cohesive design, seamlessly integrating with both the Macintosh and Apple II series.

The Apple Adjustable Keyboard utilized the Apple Desktop Bus (ADB), a new input connection method at the time. This compatibility with the Macintosh and Apple II series ensured a seamless user experience across Apple’s product lines. The keyboard’s ability to adapt to different systems cemented its versatility and accessibility.

Today, three decades later, the Apple Adjustable Keyboard continues to be a popular choice among Apple users. Its enduring appeal can be attributed to its groundbreaking design and transformative features, which set a precedent for future keyboard designs. By prioritizing user comfort and customization, Apple demonstrated its commitment to enhancing the overall computing experience.

As we celebrate the Apple Adjustable Keyboard’s 31 years since its release, we recognize its lasting influence on the field of technology. Apple’s relentless pursuit of innovation and dedication to user-friendly products have propelled the industry forward, shaping the way we interact with computers. It serves as a testament to Apple’s commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging conventions.

The Apple Adjustable Keyboard stands as a testament to Apple’s legacy of innovation and user-centered design. Introduced 31 years ago, this groundbreaking keyboard transformed the way users approached typing, offering unprecedented customization and ergonomic features. From its adjustable design to its compatibility with Apple’s product lines, the keyboard remains a symbol of Apple’s commitment to excellence and user satisfaction. As we reflect on its legacy, we are reminded of the lasting impact this keyboard has had on the world of computing and the remarkable strides made in enhancing the user experience.

Apple Adjustable Keyboard Details

IntroducedJanuary 1, 1993
Model NumberM1242
Original Price$219
Weight2.5 Ibs. / 0.14 Ibs.*
1.133 KG / 63.50 Grams*
Dimensions1.48″ H x 15.1″ W x 6.26″ D
3.75 cm H x 38.35 cm W x 15.9 cm D
*Keyboard / Keypad array

System Requirements

Keyboard Specs

Keys in Total68-69 in Keyboard Array
43 in Keypad array
Alphanumeric47-48 in Keyboard Array
0 in Keypad Array
Special1 – Power
4 – Volume control
15 – Function keys
Numeric0 in Keyboard Array
18 in Keypad array
Cursor-control4 in Keyboard Array
4 (T-style) in Keypad Array



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