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Apple Card Savings Account Users Receive Goodwill Credit Amidst Transfer Delays

Apple Card Savings Account, launched in April, introduced a high-yield savings option for Apple Card users, allowing them to earn 4.15% interest on their funds. However, recent reports from the Wall Street Journal shed light on certain challenges faced by users, including significant delays in transferring money to external bank accounts.

In response to these complaints, Apple has taken action by providing affected users with a $100 credit and making amendments to the account’s terms and conditions. These changes aim to clarify the process and address the issues faced by customers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, numerous Apple Card Savings Account users encountered frustrating delays when attempting to shift funds from their Apple savings accounts to other banks. These delays extended for several weeks, causing inconvenience and frustration among customers. Additionally, individuals reported receiving inconsistent instructions for carrying out transfers, with different external banks providing varying guidelines. In certain cases, funds appeared to vanish during the transition, leaving the balance inaccessible in both the savings account and the destination bank account.

Acknowledging the inconvenience caused to affected users, Apple has reached out to them via email, offering a $100 “goodwill credit” as a gesture of goodwill and apology. In the email, Apple expressed regret for the withdrawal experience and assured users that the company had conducted internal reviews to address the matter. The $100 credit will be deposited into the users’ Savings account and will appear in their Wallet as “Adjustment-Credit.”

Apple, in collaboration with Goldman Sachs, the issuing bank for the Apple Card, has updated the Apple Card Savings Account Deposit Agreement. First and foremost, they have clarified that ACH transfers may take up to three business days to process. This important detail was previously omitted from the agreement, leading to confusion and misunderstandings.

It’s worth noting that the processing time specified in the updated policy pertains to Goldman Sachs’ internal processing and approval of the transfer, rather than the actual time it takes for funds to move to an external account. Additionally, the agreement highlights that ACH transfer instructions must be received before 9:30 pm ET on a Business Day; otherwise, they will be considered received on the following Business Day. Goldman Sachs reserves the right to process ACH transfer instructions based on its discretion. The overall process of transferring funds typically takes up to three business days.

Goldman Sachs has also made adjustments to the calculation of maximum balances for Apple Card Savings Accounts. Previously, the maximum balance limit of $250,000 excluded interest and Daily Cash earnings. However, the revised policy now includes these components in the calculation. If a user’s Current Balance exceeds the maximum balance limit or if a new deposit leads to an exceeding balance, Goldman Sachs retains the right to reject and return the additional funds. The return of excess amounts will be processed by check.

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The challenges faced by the Apple Card Savings Account have become evident since its launch in April. In light of these difficulties, Goldman Sachs is reportedly considering withdrawing from its partnership with Apple and potentially transferring the deal to American Express. This development adds further context to the ongoing situation surrounding the savings account.

Apple’s response to the issues experienced by users of the Apple Card Savings Account demonstrates the company’s commitment to addressing customer concerns. By offering a $100 credit and implementing policy changes, Apple aims to enhance the user experience and provide greater clarity on fund transfers. As the situation continues to evolve, with potential shifts in the partnership landscape, it remains crucial for Apple and its financial partners to prioritize seamless and reliable services for their customers.

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