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Apple Color StyleWriter 2400 Datasheet

In the fast-paced world of technology, where devices become outdated within months of release, there are a few exceptional products that stand the test of time. Apple has always been synonymous with innovation, and one such marvel from its archives is the Color StyleWriter 2400. Launched on September 1, 1994, as part of the Apple Printer series, this printer quickly became a favorite in homes and offices alike.

The Color StyleWriter 2400 was truly ahead of its time when it was released. Boasting four printing colors and a resolution of up to 360 dpi, it was a game-changer in the printing world. Back in the day, this printer’s speed of up to 3 pages per minute was remarkable, making it a formidable competitor in its market segment. Its versatility was enhanced with both a Serial connection and a LocalTalk port, making connectivity a breeze for modern users.

It’s not often that a technology product remains relevant for nearly three decades, but the Color StyleWriter 2400 defies all odds. Even after 29 years, it remains a sought-after device, and for a good reason. Its classic design exudes a sense of nostalgia, reminding users of the simplicity and elegance that Apple products have always offered.

Performance is where the Color StyleWriter 2400 truly shines. It’s reliable printing capabilities and consistent output make it a dependable workhorse even in the digital age. Whether you need to print documents for your business or create vibrant color prints for personal use, this printer delivers on all fronts.

One of the key factors that contributed to the Color StyleWriter 2400’s popularity was its affordability. At a time when high-quality printers often came with exorbitant price tags, Apple managed to strike the perfect balance between performance and cost-effectiveness. This made the Color StyleWriter 2400 an attractive option for users who desired top-notch printing capabilities without breaking the bank.

The Color StyleWriter 2400 was a color inkjet printer that packed a punch. Its maximum resolution of 360 dpi ensured sharp and vibrant prints, while the 3 pages-per-minute speed was commendable for its era. Not to mention the support for Color PhotoGrade, which added an extra dimension of richness to color prints.

This printer’s compatibility with Canon BC-20/BC-21BK/BC-21C/BC-21E/BC-22 bubblejet cartridges provided users with flexibility in choosing the right cartridge for their printing needs.

Apple always had a keen eye for user convenience, and the Color StyleWriter 2400 was no exception. The optional Color StyleWriter LocalTalk Module allowed users to connect their printer to a LocalTalk network without requiring a host computer. For faster networking, an optional StyleWriter EtherTalk Adapter extended connectivity to 10BASE-T and 10BASE2 Ethernet.

The Color StyleWriter 2400 didn’t hold back when it came to fonts. Users were treated to a generous collection of 64 TrueType fonts included on the disk. And for those who craved even more font options, support for PostScript Type 1 font could be easily added with Adobe Type Manager.

The Color StyleWriter 2400 enjoyed a successful run, but like all technological marvels, it was eventually succeeded by newer models. On March 14, 1996, Apple introduced the Color StyleWriter 2500, building on the foundation laid by its predecessor and pushing the boundaries of printing technology even further.

Though the Color StyleWriter 2400 made way for its successor, its legacy lives on, revered by those who experienced the joy of using this groundbreaking printer.

Color StyleWriter 2400 Details

Introduced September 1, 1994
Model NumberUnknown
Order NumberUnknown
Original Price$399
Weight7.9 Ibs.
3.583 KG
Dimensions8.3” H x 14.4” W x 8.4” D
21.08 cm H x 36.57 cm W x 21.33 cm D

Printer Specs

TypeThermal ink-jet
Pages Per Minute3 – black and white
0.3 – color
CartridgeBlack High Perf. – Apple M3240G/A or Canon BC-20 Black
Color High Perf. – Apple M3328G/A or Canon BC-21 Color
Black – Apple M3330G/A or Canon BCI-21 Black
Color – Apple M3329G/A or Canon BCI-21 Color


Processor SpeedNone
ROM SizeNone
Maximum MemoryNone
Memory SlotsNone
Minimum SpeedN/A


LocalTalk (Optional)


Maximum Continuous Power45 W

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