Apple WWDC23 macOS Sonoma on Mac Apple WWDC23 macOS Sonoma on Mac

Apple Drops Support for Older Macs in macOS Sonoma

In a highly anticipated event, Apple offered a sneak peek into its latest operating system for Mac, macOS 14 Sonoma. With a beta version already available and an official launch slated for the fall, this new iteration brings a range of innovative features. However, Apple’s website reveals that macOS Sonoma will drop support for several Mac models compared to its predecessor, macOS Ventura.

According to the information provided by Apple, the following Macs will no longer be compatible with macOS Sonoma: the 2017 MacBook Air and the 2017 MacBook (12-Inch). While this news may be disappointing for owners of these particular models, it appears that Apple has focused its efforts on ensuring optimal performance and compatibility for a select group of newer Macs.

Thankfully, macOS Sonoma is set to remain compatible with an array of other Mac models, offering an opportunity for users to upgrade and experience the latest advancements. The supported Mac lineup includes MacBook Pro models from 2018 and later, MacBook Air models from 2018 and later, Mac mini models from 2018 and later, iMac models from 2019 and later, iMac Pro models from 2017, Mac Studio models from 2022 and later, and Mac Pro models from 2019 and later. This range ensures that a broad range of Mac users can take advantage of the upcoming operating system.

While Apple has not provided an exact release date for macOS Sonoma, it is expected to follow the familiar pattern established by previous macOS versions. If history is any indication, we can anticipate its arrival in October, similar to the release timing of macOS Ventura and macOS Monterey.

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As we eagerly await the arrival of macOS Sonoma, the new features it promises will undoubtedly shape the Mac user experience. Apple’s decision to drop support for older Mac models is a strategic move to optimize performance and compatibility for the most recent hardware. For those whose devices are not supported, this may be an opportune time to consider upgrading to a newer Mac model to fully enjoy the enhancements offered by macOS Sonoma. Stay tuned for further updates and an in-depth review of macOS Sonoma’s features and capabilities closer to its official release.

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