Apple DuoDisk 5.25-inch Apple DuoDisk 5.25-inch

Apple DuoDisk 5.25″ Drive Explained

On May 1st, 1984, Apple introduced a new external floppy disk drive to the market – the Apple DuoDisk 5.25-inch Disk Drive. This revolutionary device was designed specifically for use with the Apple II computer series and featured two 5 1⁄4-inch floppy drives, placed side-by-side in a single plastic case.

The DuoDisk was a game-changer for Apple users, as it allowed for double the storage capacity of the traditional Disk II drive. This meant that users could store more data, programs, and files without the need for multiple floppy disks.

At its launch, the DuoDisk 5.25-inch had a price tag of $795, making it a high-end accessory for Apple users. Despite its cost, the DuoDisk quickly became a popular choice among Apple II enthusiasts and professionals who needed extra storage space.

39 years later, the Apple DuoDisk 5.25-inch may seem outdated and obsolete in the age of digital storage and cloud computing. However, it remains a significant piece of technology in Apple’s history and a reminder of the innovation and progress that has been made in the field of storage.

The DuoDisk was a significant step forward in the evolution of storage technology, and it paved the way for the development of larger and more advanced storage devices. Today, it serves as a reminder of the progress that has been made in the field of storage, and it remains a valuable piece of technology for those who still use the Apple II computer series.

Apple IIe with Monitor 100, ProFile, DuoDisk, Modem, and 410 Color Plotter
Source: – Apple IIe with Monitor 100, ProFile, DuoDisk, Modem, and 410 Color Plotter

Apple DuoDisk 5.25″ Details

IntroducedMay 1, 1984
Order NumberA9M0108
Original Price$795

System Requirements

  • Apple II computer series


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