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Apple IIc Flat Panel Display Datasheet

On April 24th, 1984, Apple introduced a new addition to their Apple II series: the Apple IIc Flat Panel Display. This innovative display promised to revolutionize the way users viewed their computer screens.

The Apple IIc Flat Panel Display featured a 7-inch monochrome display, the ability to display 80 columns by 24 rows, and support for double hi-res graphics. It also had a DB-15 port connection, making it easy to connect to other devices.

At the time of its release, the display had a starting price of $595. However, despite its impressive features, the display was only manufactured and sold by Apple for six years. On September 1st, 1990, the Apple IIc Flat Panel Display was discontinued.

Today, the Apple IIc Flat Panel Display is 40 years old. While it may not be in production anymore, it’s a testament to the innovation and creativity of Apple in the 80s. It’s a reminder of a time when technology was rapidly advancing and companies like Apple were at the forefront of that change.

The Apple IIc Flat Panel Display may no longer be available for purchase, but it will always hold a special place in the history of Apple and the technology industry as a whole.

Apple IIc Flat Panel Display and Apple IIc
Source: macstories.net – Apple IIc Flat Panel Display and Apple IIc

Apple IIc Flat Panel Details

IntroducedApril 24, 1984
DiscontinuedSeptember 1, 1990
Order NumberA2M4022
Original Price$595
Weight2.5 Ibs.
1.133 KG
Dimensions6” H x 11.5” W x 1.5” D
15.24 cm H x 29.21 cm W x 3.81 cm D

System Requirements

Display Specs

Viewable Area7”
Resolutions560 x 192 pixels
Text Display80 columns by 24 rows
Viewing AngleUnknown
Contrast RatioUnknown
Response TimeUnknown
Pixel PitchUnknown
Pixel DensityUnknown



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