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Apple Introduces New Compact Ad Format for App Store

In an exciting announcement, Apple has unveiled its latest innovation for the App Store: a brand new ad format called the Today tab. This sleek format offers a more compact design compared to the previous full-height card layout, allowing users to view it immediately upon opening the tab on their iPhones. Gone are the days of endless scrolling to discover the latest advertisements.

One of the notable changes in the new format is that the ad placement is now always positioned above the fold, ensuring maximum visibility for advertisers. A nonsponsored slot will retain its position at the top, maintaining a fair balance between sponsored and organic content. Apple’s goal is to enhance the user experience while providing businesses with a more accessible platform to showcase their campaigns.

Notably, Apple has streamlined the process for advertisers to submit campaigns and receive quicker approval. With the new format, Apple can remove some of the previous approval conditions that were tied to visible hero artwork. While Apple will still review crucial elements like the app icon, name, and subtitle to ensure compliance with their policies, the removal of visible artwork requirements will undoubtedly expedite the approval process for advertisers.

iPhone users running iOS 16.4 or later can expect to see the new ad format rolling out in July. The implementation of this format aligns with Apple’s commitment to continuously improve the App Store’s user experience and create a more engaging platform for advertisers.

When users tap on an ad, they will be directed to a custom product page that showcases advertiser-submitted artwork. This personalized experience ensures that users have easy access to detailed information about the advertised app or product, facilitating informed decision-making.

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For advertisers who are already running campaigns on the Today tab, Apple has taken care of the transition process. Existing campaigns will be automatically converted to the new ad format when it launches in July, saving advertisers the hassle of making manual adjustments.

The Today tab ad format made its debut last year, around October 2022, when Apple expanded Search Ads to the Today tab and app product pages. This move faced some controversy, as gambling and casino ads began appearing alongside legitimate app listings from developers. In response to the feedback received, Apple made the responsible decision to stop displaying gambling ads in these slots, ensuring a safer and more user-friendly environment for users.

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