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Apple LaserWriter IINTX Datasheet

When Apple introduced the LaserWriter IINTX in January 1988, it marked a major milestone in the history of printing technology. As part of the Apple Printer series, the LaserWriter IINTX was designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple until its discontinuation in October 1991.

The Apple LaserWriter IINTX was a high-end printer that boasted impressive specifications for its time. It featured a 16.67 MHz Motorola 68000 processor, 1 MB of ROM, and a printing resolution of up to 300 dpi. It also had a printing speed of up to 8 pages per minute and a SCSI connection port.

Despite its high price tag of $4,999, the LaserWriter IINTX quickly became a popular choice among businesses and creative professionals. Its advanced features and high-quality output made it a valuable tool for those in need of high-end printing capabilities.

Today, the LaserWriter IINTX is 36 years old, but its legacy lives on. The printer was a trailblazer in its time and paved the way for many advancements in printing technology that we take for granted today. Its introduction marked a turning point in the industry and solidified Apple’s position as a leader in the field of printing.

In a time when printing technology was still in its infancy, the LaserWriter IINTX set the standard for what a high-end printer should be. Its legacy will continue to be remembered as a revolutionary product that changed the way we think about printing.

LaserWriter IINTX Details

Introduced January 1, 1988
DiscontinuedOctober 1, 1991
Model NumberUnknown
Original Price$4,999
Weight45 Ibs.
20.411 KG
Dimensions8.7” H x 20.2” W x 18.7” D
22.09 cm H x 51.30 cm W x 47.49 cm D

Printer Specs

Pages Per Minute8
Diablo 630
HP LaserJet


ProcessorMotorola 68000
Processor Speed16.67 MHz
ROM Size1 MB
Maximum Memory12 MB
Memory Slots12 – 64-pin SIMM
Minimum Speed120 ns




Maximum Continuous Power900 W

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