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Apple LaserWriter Select 310 Datasheet

On February 1st, 1993, Apple unveiled the LaserWriter Select 310, a groundbreaking addition to their Apple Printer series. This innovative device showcased Apple’s commitment to revolutionizing the printing industry. Despite being released 31 years ago, the LaserWriter Select 310 continues to hold significance in Apple’s history and the evolution of printing technology.

Equipped with a 7.25 MHz AMD 29205 processor and 2 MB of ROM, the LaserWriter Select 310 was a dependable workhorse. With a printing speed of up to 5 pages per minute and a maximum resolution of 300 dpi, it proved itself to be a reliable and efficient option for office settings. Whether it was producing crisp text documents or intricate graphics, the LaserWriter Select 310 delivered consistent results.

One of the standout features of the LaserWriter Select 310 was its connectivity options. The printer offered both a Serial connection and a Centronics Parallel port, making it compatible with a wide range of devices. This versatility allowed users to connect the printer to their preferred platform, whether it was a Macintosh computer or a PC. Additionally, by including these options, Apple demonstrated its commitment to catering to the diverse needs of its users.

Despite its success, the LaserWriter Select 310 was discontinued on January 1st, 1994, making way for the more advanced LaserWriter Select 360. Apple sought to improve upon the Select 310’s capabilities by introducing a faster and networkable printer. While the Select 310 served its purpose, Apple recognized the need to continually push boundaries and embrace new advancements in technology.

Today, the LaserWriter Select 310 may be considered a relic of the past, but its legacy lives on. It serves as a reminder of the significant strides made in printing technology over the years. The LaserWriter Select 310 played a pivotal role in Apple’s journey, serving as an important stepping stone toward the development of future printers.

As we marvel at the cutting-edge devices available to us today, it is crucial to acknowledge the groundwork laid by earlier innovations. The LaserWriter Select 310’s impact on the printing industry cannot be understated. It set the stage for the emergence of faster, more versatile printers, and its memory remains an integral part of Apple’s storied history.

The LaserWriter Select 310 holds a special place in the evolution of Apple’s printer series and the wider printing industry. Its introduction marked a significant turning point, demonstrating Apple’s commitment to producing high-quality and versatile printers.

Though it may have been discontinued 30 years ago, its influence and impact remain imprinted on the advancements we enjoy today. The LaserWriter Select 310 will forever be remembered as a pioneer that paved the way for future innovations in printing technology.

LaserWriter Select 310 Details

Introduced February 1, 1993
DiscontinuedJanuary 1, 1994
Original PriceUnknown
Model NumberUnknown
Order NumberUnknown
Weight26 Ibs.
11.793 KG
Demensions8” H x 15” W x 18.3” D
20.32 cm H x 38.1 cm W x 46.48 cm D

Printer Specs

Pages Per Minute5
LanguagePostScript Level 1


ProcessorAMD 29205
Processor Speed7.25 MHz
ROM Size2 MB
Maximum Memory5.5 MB
Memory Slots1 – 72-pin SIMM
Minimum Speed100 ns


Centronics Parallel


Maximum Continuous Power450 W

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