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Apple Maps Expands to Finland, Norway, and Sweden with Enhanced Features

Apple’s latest update to its Maps app is rolling out in Finland, Norway, and Sweden. The revamped experience boasts enhanced navigation and more detailed maps, along with custom-designed 3D models of popular landmarks, immersive turn-by-turn walking directions powered by augmented reality, and much more.

One of the most exciting features of the new update is the expansion of Look Around. This feature was first introduced in iOS 13 and provides 3D street-level imagery in cities where it is available, similar to Google’s Street View. Now, Look Around is available in all three of the aforementioned countries.

Apple users in these countries received notifications about the rollout this morning. Additionally, Apple Maps expert Justin O’Beirne has already cataloged the expansion. This marks the seventeenth time that Apple has expanded its new map data since its public launch in September 2018.

Apple Maps update Oslo before and after
Source: – Apple Maps update Oslo before and after

The new Maps update is a significant milestone for Apple, as the company continues to improve and expand its mapping technology. Previously, Apple Maps struggled with inaccuracies and a lack of features compared to Google Maps. However, with the new update, Apple is closing the gap and offering a more robust mapping experience for its users.

The addition of 3D models of popular landmarks and immersive turn-by-turn walking directions powered by augmented reality are particularly exciting developments. Users can now get a more realistic and interactive sense of their surroundings, making it easier to navigate unfamiliar areas.

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