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Apple Personal LaserWriter NT Datasheet

In the early 1990s, Apple revolutionized the printing industry with the introduction of the Personal LaserWriter NT. Part of the prestigious Apple Printer series, this innovative device quickly gained popularity among Apple users for its advanced features and capabilities. Although it was discontinued in 1993, the Personal LaserWriter NT remains a symbol of Apple’s commitment to producing high-quality products. Let’s take a closer look at this pioneering printer that left an indelible mark on the world of printing technology.

Debuting on July 1, 1990, the Personal LaserWriter NT commanded attention with its impressive specifications. Equipped with a 12 MHz Motorola 68000 processor, this printer offered fast and efficient printing capabilities. Its 1.25 MB of ROM and printing resolution of up to 300 dpi ensured high-quality output for both text and graphics. With a print speed of up to 4 pages per minute, the Personal LaserWriter NT proved to be an excellent choice for busy professionals who demanded efficient performance.

The Personal LaserWriter NT embraced the era’s emerging networking capabilities by featuring a Serial connection and a LocalTalk port. These connectivity options facilitated seamless integration with other devices and made the printer an attractive choice for collaborative work environments. Additionally, its ability to print in one color without compromising print quality was commendable, allowing users to produce professional-looking documents effortlessly.

Apple positioned the Personal LaserWriter NT as a cost-effective alternative to the LaserWriter IINT. It was one of the few low-end laser printers that boasted a substantial 250-sheet paper tray. This larger capacity was a significant advantage for networked environments, where printers capable of handling only 50 sheets were commonplace. Apple’s dedication to delivering practical and feature-rich solutions shone through with the Personal LaserWriter NT.

Although the Personal LaserWriter NT was discontinued on May 1, 1993, its impact remains significant even after 33 years. The printer’s architecture, built around the Canon LBP-LX print engine, showcased Apple’s ability to integrate cutting-edge components into their devices. The inclusion of popular printer languages such as Postscript, Diablo, and HP LaserJet further enhanced its versatility and compatibility.

Personal LaserWriter NT Details

Introduced July 1, 1990
DiscontinuedMay 1, 1993
Model NumberUnknown
Order NumberM0097LL/A
Original Price$3,299
Weight32 Ibs.
14.515 KG
Dimensions8” H x 15” W x 18.3” D
20.32 cm H x 38.1 cm W x 46.48 cm D

Printer Specs

Pages Per Minute4
HP LaserJet
Diablo 630


ProcessorMotorola 68000
Processor Speed12 MHz
ROM Size1.25 MB
Maximum Memory8 MB
Memory Slots2 – 30-pin SIMM
Minimum Speed120 ns




Maximum Continuous Power600 W

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