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In the fast-paced world of technology, where innovation is the driving force, certain devices stand out as trailblazers, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. One such groundbreaking creation was the Apple Pro Mouse, a sleek and innovative pointing device that captivated tech enthusiasts from 2000 to 2003.

Introduced as part of the Apple Mouse series, the Apple Pro Mouse made its grand entrance into the tech arena in the year 2000. Apple, known for its commitment to cutting-edge design and functionality, unveiled not only the Pro Mouse but also an avant-garde optical mouse and a full-size Pro keyboard. These peripherals were encased in stunning, crystal-clear enclosures and were included as standard accessories with all of Apple’s new desktop computers, setting a new standard for desktop computing accessories.

At the heart of the Apple Pro Mouse was its revolutionary optical sensor, setting it apart from traditional mice of its time. This optical mouse provided users with precise positioning without the need for a mousepad, functioning seamlessly on almost any surface. Designed with user comfort in mind, it boasts an ergonomic, full-surface button and a comfortable elliptical shape.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s visionary CEO at the time, expressed the significance of the optical mouse, stating, “Apple’s optical mouse is such a home run that we wanted all our customers to have one.” Unlike competitors who did not bundle optical mice with their computers, Apple took a bold step, offering a high-performance optical mouse as a standard inclusion with their desktops, even one that cost $799.

iMac DV Special Edition Snow Mid 2000
Source: – iMac DV Special Edition Snow Mid 2000

The Apple Pro Mouse broke away from the bold colors of its predecessors, such as the iMac, adopting an all-Black design. This marked a return to the traditional styling of mice but with a modern twist. Encased in a clear plastic shell, the Pro Mouse stood out with its sleek, featureless appearance, earning it the affectionate nickname of “the first zero-button mouse.”

In a departure from the one-button mouse criticism, Apple turned the design upside-down, using solid-state optical tracking instead of a rubber ball for its tracking mechanism. The absence of moving parts eliminated concerns about dirt affecting performance. The mouse featured a unique dial that allowed users to adjust the clicking tension, providing a customized feel for each user.

The Apple Pro Mouse made its debut on July 19, 2000, alongside the Power Mac G4 Cube and iMac DV Special Edition “Snow.” This sleek, black mouse with its advanced optical tracking sensor and pressure mechanism for customizable click-force settings quickly became a symbol of style and functionality.

The White version of the Pro Mouse later accompanied the release of the iMac G4, further solidifying its status as a must-have accessory for Apple enthusiasts. Users appreciated the marriage of design and functionality, making it a highly regarded peripheral in the Apple ecosystem.

Despite its acclaim, the Apple Pro Mouse faced a relatively short lifespan. On May 6, 2003, it was discontinued, making way for the Apple Mouse to take its place. However, the impact of the Pro Mouse lingered, leaving an enduring legacy in the tech world.

Today, 23 years after its initial release, the Apple Pro Mouse remains a fond memory for those who experienced its heyday. Its unique design, advanced features, and commitment to quality have earned it a revered place in the annals of tech history.

As we reflect on the evolution of pointing devices, the Apple Pro Mouse stands as a testament to Apple’s innovative spirit and its ability to shape the course of technological progress. Though no longer in production, the Pro Mouse’s influence is embedded in the DNA of modern pointing devices, guiding the way for future generations of peripherals.

iMac DV Mid 2000 Ruby
Source: – iMac DV Mid 2000 Ruby

Apple Pro Mouse Details

IntroducedJuly 19, 2000
DiscontinuedMay 6, 2003
Model NumberM5769
Original PriceUnknown

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ConnectionUSB 1.1



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