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Apple Rings in Lunar New Year with Rare Discounts on iPhone, iPad, and Mac in China

In a surprising move, Apple is ringing in the Lunar New Year in China with irresistible discounts on its flagship products, including the iPhone. This limited-time promotion, running from January 18 to January 21, offers Chinese customers exclusive savings on a range of Apple devices, showcasing a rare departure from the company’s usual sales strategy.

Chinese customers can enjoy substantial savings of up to 500 RMB (approximately $70) on the coveted iPhone 15 lineup. This move aims to make the latest iPhone models more accessible to consumers during the festive season.

For those eyeing the 15-inch MacBook Air, the Lunar New Year promotion brings significant savings of up to 800 RMB. This discount provides an excellent opportunity for customers to upgrade their laptops at a more affordable price point.

Beyond iPhones and Macs, Apple enthusiasts in China can find enticing discounts on other popular products. Smaller yet noteworthy savings are available on the iPad, Apple Watch SE, AirPods, and the Apple Pencil. This comprehensive promotion covers a wide range of Apple devices, catering to diverse consumer preferences.

While it’s customary for Chinese companies to roll out promotions during the Lunar New Year, Apple’s direct involvement in such discounts is a rarity. Typically, discounts are more commonly seen at Apple-authorized resellers rather than directly on Apple’s official website. This move showcases Apple’s commitment to engaging with the Chinese market during this festive period.

The decision to offer discounts during this Lunar New Year celebration may indicate Apple’s proactive approach to addressing concerns about weak demand for its latest iPhone models in China. Analysts have been expressing skepticism about near-term sales performance, contributing to a 6% decline in Apple’s stock price since December.

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As the Lunar New Year promotion concludes on January 21, all eyes will be on Apple’s official earnings results for the holiday quarter. The company is set to announce its financial performance during an investor call on February 1. This report will provide valuable insights into the impact of the Lunar New Year discounts on Apple’s sales and overall market position in China.

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