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Apple Seeks Experts in Generative AI to Enhance AR/VR Technologies

Apple is actively seeking experts in generative artificial intelligence (AI) to join its team and contribute to the development of its cutting-edge technologies, including augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). The company recently posted job listings on its website, emphasizing the importance of AI expertise in its pursuit of innovation.

One of the job listings, which was brought to attention by Mark Gurman, is for a software engineer based in Cupertino. The engineer will be responsible for developing machine learning models and creating applications related to AR/VR. This move signifies Apple’s recognition of the immense potential AI holds in enhancing its products and providing immersive experiences to billions of people worldwide.

The Learning Technology Group at Apple is actively searching for talented individuals with backgrounds or interests in conversational and generative AI. The group aims to leverage innovative AI models to build applications that maximize the capabilities of Apple’s most advanced technologies, all while allowing engineers to further develop their expertise in the AR/VR domain.

Gurman speculates that Apple may eventually introduce an on-device method for developing apps specifically for its forthcoming mixed-reality headset. This much-anticipated headset is expected to be unveiled during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote, scheduled to take place next week.

Earlier this year, The Information reported that Apple is working on software tools that will enable both developers and customers, even those without coding knowledge, to create AR apps for the headset using Siri. These tools would allow users to instruct the headset, via the voice assistant, to build AR apps that could be made available for download on Apple’s App Store. For example, users could create apps featuring virtual animals interacting with real-life objects in a room, without the need for intricate coding or animation design.

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In recent weeks, Apple has been actively recruiting experts in generative AI, fueling speculations about the company’s intensified focus on AI technology. Job listings for various machine learning positions were posted, seeking individuals who are passionate about developing exceptional autonomous systems. The roles were spread across different teams, including Integrated System Experience, Input Experience NLP, Machine Learning R&D, and Technology Development Group.

Among the positions Apple sought to fill was that of a Visual Generative Modeling Research Engineer, responsible for advancing visual generative modeling technology to power a wide range of applications. These applications include computational photography, image and video editing, 3D shape and motion reconstruction, avatar generation, and many other exciting areas.

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