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Apple Takes Back to School Promo Worldwide

Apple’s Back to School promotion is in full swing, and this year, the deals have expanded beyond the borders of the United States. Students and educators in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia can now take advantage of these exciting offers. Depending on your location, you’ll receive a generous €150 (£130) gift card or a complimentary pair of AirPods.

In recent times, Apple has modified its approach in the United States by replacing the inclusion of free AirPods with Mac and iPad education purchases with valuable gift cards. The same holds true for Europe and the UK during this promotional period. However, countries in the Middle East and Asia are still enjoying the perk of receiving free AirPods or even an Apple Pencil alongside their Back to School purchases.

The specific values of the offers may vary slightly. In Europe, you can receive a gift card worth up to €150; in the UK, the value is up to £130. As for those lucky individuals in countries where Apple is offering free AirPods, some of them are even eligible to receive the top-of-the-line AirPods Pro without any additional cost.

The Back to School promotion maintains its tradition of enhancing the already discounted education pricing and providing a 20% discount on AppleCare+. So, not only do you get a valuable gift card or AirPods, but you also enjoy the benefits of reduced prices and added coverage for your Apple devices.

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To determine the exact details and eligibility criteria for the Back to School promotion in your country, simply visit your local Apple Education site. For more information, click on the “herein” link provided in the first footnote at the bottom of the page. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to kickstart the upcoming academic year with Apple’s remarkable Back to School deals.

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