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Apple TV+ Unveils Captivating New Nature Documentaries ‘Born to be Wild’ and ‘Endangered Planet’

Apple TV+ continues to raise the bar with its exceptional original content, and nature enthusiasts are in for a treat with the announcement of not one, but two groundbreaking nature documentary series: “Born to be Wild” and “Endangered Planet.” This captivating six-part series promise to offer viewers an unprecedented glimpse into the lives of Earth’s most elusive and endangered species.

In a world grappling with an unprecedented environmental crisis, the urgency to protect and preserve the planet’s biodiversity is at an all-time high, with over one million species teetering on the brink of extinction. “Born to be Wild” showcases six rare and young animals as they are nurtured in human care, only to return to their natural habitats to rewild their homelands and aid in the survival of their species.

Meanwhile, “Endangered Planet” takes audiences on an adrenaline-fueled expedition, led by a team of world-class filmmakers and scientists, venturing off the beaten path to capture groundbreaking and often first-time footage of the most elusive creatures. Armed with cutting-edge technology, this series delves into the hidden secrets of these critically endangered animals, uncovering invaluable insights on how to protect and save them.

“Born to be Wild” boasts an impressive production team, with executive producers Lucy van Beek, known for “Wild Tales from the Farm” and Stephen Hawking’s “The Search for a New Earth,” along with Alex Williamson and Isla Robertson from Offspring Films. The series is a remarkable collaboration between Tailfeather Productions and Offspring Films, delivering top-tier content exclusively on Apple TV+.

For Apple TV+, “Born to be Wild” marks its first venture with award-winning Tailfeather Productions and adds to its list of successful collaborations with Offspring Films. Among their prior projects is the BAFTA Award-nominated and Royal Television Society winner “Earth At Night In Color,” which received critical acclaim for its breathtaking visuals and was narrated by the talented Emmy Award nominee Tom Hiddleston. Additionally, “Earthsounds” offered a mesmerizing exploration of the natural world through never-before-heard sounds, captivating audiences worldwide.

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“Endangered Planet,” from the esteemed Offspring Films, is spearheaded by executive producers Alex Williamson, recognized for “Earth At Night In Color,” “Earthsounds,” and “Big Cats,” and Isla Robertson, known for “Earth At Night In Color,” “Last of the Giants,” and “Animals At Play.”

Apple TV+ has consistently delivered award-winning content, with multi-Emmy Award-winning comedy “Ted Lasso” and the groundbreaking Oscar Best Picture winner “CODA” among its distinguished achievements.

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