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Apple TV+ Unveils Emotional Trailer for ‘STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie’

Apple Original Films has just released the trailer for their upcoming documentary “STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie”, directed by Academy Award-winning director, Davis Guggenheim. The documentary follows the incredible story of Michael J. Fox, from his childhood on a Canadian army base to his rise to stardom in Hollywood during the 1980s. The film will incorporate elements of documentary, archival footage, and scripted scenes to create an intimate and honest portrayal of Fox’s personal and professional life.

“STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie” promises to be an emotional rollercoaster, offering an intimate look into Fox’s never-before-seen private journey, including the years that followed his diagnosis, at only 29 years old, with Parkinson’s disease. The film will chronicle Fox’s triumphs and struggles both personally and professionally, providing viewers with a unique insight into the life of one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars.

The documentary has been produced by Concordia Studio, with a team of exceptional producers including Guggenheim, Annetta Marion, Will Cohen, and Jonathan King. Executive producers of the project include Laurene Powell Jobs, Jonathan Silberberg, Nicole Stott, and Fox’s longtime producing partner, Nelle Fortenberry. The partnership between Apple and Concordia Studio is not new, as the two companies worked together on the Emmy Award-winning documentary, “Boys State”.

The trailer promises a mix of adventure and romance, comedy and drama, making it feel like a classic Michael J. Fox movie. With unprecedented access to Fox and his family, the film will offer viewers a unique insight into his incredible journey, exploring what happens when an incurable optimist confronts an incurable disease.

The film is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on April 15, 2023, and is already generating significant buzz in the industry.

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