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Apple VP Hints at Apple Silicon Mac Pro and Improved Battery Life for Apple Watch

Apple’s Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, Bob Borchers, has hinted at the upcoming Apple silicon Mac Pro and the company’s focus on the Apple Watch’s battery life in a recent interview with India Today. In the interview, Borchers reaffirmed Apple’s commitment to transitioning all Macs to Apple silicon.

Borchers stated that Apple strongly believes that Apple silicon can power and transform experiences from the MacBook Air to the Mac Studio. He added that Apple’s goal is to take its entire product line to Apple Silicon, which is something they intend to do. With this comment, Borchers seems to hint at the upcoming release of the Apple silicon Mac Pro.

During the interview, Borchers discussed how Apple has motivated the wider computing industry to focus on efficiency over performance. He conceded that the Apple Watch is a device that would benefit greatly from better battery life.

Borchers explained that the issue of the Apple Watch’s battery life is an area of ongoing attention at Apple. One of several solutions to address the problem, Borchers believes, is fast charging. Apple is apparently continuing to explore how it can balance features, such as real-time health and fitness tracking, and battery life on the device.

Borchers also discussed Apple’s rationale behind offering both the high-end Mac mini and the Mac Studio. He explained that the Mac mini delivers a small form factor, while the Mac Studio offers the flexibility of additional connectivity.

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