AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor

AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor Datasheet

On March 2, 1987, Apple introduced the AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor as part of their Apple Monitor series. This 13-inch display was designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple, and was specifically tailored for use with the Macintosh II computer.

The monitor featured a resolution of up to 640 x 480 pixels, a screen with 69 dpi, and the ability to display 4,096 colors. It also featured a DA-15 video connection, which allowed for seamless integration with the Macintosh II.

Despite its impressive specs, the AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor was not without its limitations. The monitor had a relatively high price point, starting at $1,647, and it was eventually discontinued on December 1, 1992.

Today, the AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor is 37 years old, and it remains a fascinating piece of technology from Apple’s past. While it may not have been as widely adopted as some of Apple’s other products from the era, it remains an important part of the company’s history and a testament to the innovation that they were known for in the 80s and 90s.

AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor Details

IntroducedMarch 2, 1987
DiscontinuedDecember 1, 1992
Model NumberM0401 (Revision A)
M1297 (Revision B)
Original Price$1,647
Weight34 Ibs.
15.422 KG
Dimensions11” H x 13.5” W x 16” D
27.94 cm H x 34.29 cm W x 40.64 cm D

System Requirements

  • Macintosh II computer

Display Specs

TypeCRT (Trinitron)
Viewable Area12.8”
Resolutions640 x 480 pixels at 60 Hz
Viewing AngleUnknown
Contrast RatioUnknown
Response TimeUnknown
Pixel Pitch0.26 mm
Pixel Density69 dpi




Maximum Continuous Power160 W

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