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Dr. Wanda Austin Joins Apple’s Board as Al Gore and James Bell Retire

In a recent announcement, Apple revealed that both Al Gore and James Bell will be retiring from the company’s board of directors. The departure of these seasoned individuals opens the door for Dr. Wanda Austin, the former president and CEO of The Aerospace Corporation, who has been nominated to join the board.

Dr. Austin, hailed by Apple for her “decades of science and technology experience,” is recognized for her significant contributions to advancing innovation and shaping corporate strategy. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, expressed enthusiasm about Dr. Austin’s addition, emphasizing her leadership qualities and the wealth of experience she brings to the table.

“Wanda has spent decades advancing technology on behalf of humanity, and we’re thrilled to welcome her to Apple’s board of directors,” said Cook. “She’s an extraordinary leader, and her invaluable experience and expertise will support our mission of leaving the world better than we found it.”

Dr. Austin herself shared her excitement, stating, “Like Apple, I’ve always believed in the power of innovation to improve lives, support human potential, and shape a better future. I’m honored to join Apple’s board of directors, and I look forward to being part of a company that’s always creating new ways to empower people all over the world.”

The retirement of Al Gore and James Bell is in line with Apple’s policy, which prohibits directors from standing for reelection after reaching the age of 75. Tim Cook expressed gratitude for the years of service provided by Gore and Bell, highlighting their valuable insights and contributions to the company’s strength.

“We’re deeply grateful to Al and James for their many years of service to Apple — their insights, energy, and values have made us a stronger company in so many ways,” said Cook. “For more than 20 years, Al has contributed an incredible amount to our work — from his unconditional support for protecting our users’ privacy to his incomparable knowledge of environment and climate issues. James’s dedication has been extraordinary, and we’re thankful for the important perspectives and deep expertise he’s offered on audit, finance, and so much more over the years.”

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Al Gore, who joined Apple’s board in 2003, and James Bell, who joined in 2015, leave behind a legacy of commitment and expertise. Dr. Wanda Austin, with a Ph.D. in industrial and systems engineering, brings a wealth of experience from her tenure at The Aerospace Corporation, where she served as president and CEO from 2008 to 2016.

Notably, she has also held the position of interim president at the University of Southern California and serves on the boards of Amgen and Chevron, in addition to her previous role on the board of Virgin Galactic. Apple looks forward to the continued evolution of its board with the addition of Dr. Wanda Austin, as the company remains dedicated to innovation and creating a positive impact on a global scale.

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