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Former Apple VP of Product Design Joins Jony Ive at LoveFrom for AI Hardware Development

In a recent move, Tang Tan, Apple’s vice president of product design, is set to bring his expertise to LoveFrom, a design firm founded by Sir Jony Ive, to contribute to hardware innovation for OpenAI, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Tang Tan, responsible for the design of products such as the iPhone, Apple Watch, accessories, and AirPods, will be the latest addition to a growing list of former Apple designers at LoveFrom. Jony Ive, who left Apple in 2019, has already seen 14 members of his former design team join him, leaving only a handful of designers still with Apple.

This shift marks one of Ive’s most ambitious endeavors since his departure from Apple. The report suggests that Ive aims to transform his work on OpenAI into a new venture, with current efforts focused on talent acquisition and conceptual development.

Among the notable talents already joining Ive at LoveFrom are Marc Newson and Shota Aoyagi, bringing the total count to over 20 former Apple employees. Ive’s vision for OpenAI extends beyond hardware, with Bloomberg reporting that the projects in the pipeline include conceptual devices for the home.

Tang Tan officially parted ways with Apple in February, leaving behind a role where he reported to John Ternus, senior vice president of hardware engineering. Tan’s responsibilities, including the design of key Apple products, have been redistributed among his successors at Apple.

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As Tan takes the helm of hardware engineering for OpenAI at LoveFrom, the move reflects a broader trend of industry leaders converging to explore innovative solutions at the intersection of design and artificial intelligence. Stay tuned for exciting developments as LoveFrom and OpenAI continue to shape the future of cutting-edge technology.

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