iPhone updates frequency

How Often Does Apple Release iOS Updates?

With the release of the new iPhones, Apple has been releasing a new iOS update every year. Many people wonder when the next release will be but are not sure how often Apple releases iOS updates. This article will break down the frequency of iOS updates and give you some insight into the process. What is the average iOS update… Read more

iPhone Camera App

History of iPhone Camera (2007-2022)

The iPhone camera system has changed dramatically since 2007. Over the years every single iPhone brought us a little or massive change in how we capture pictures or record videos.  Everyone can say that iPhone is an easy and portable camera that always is with us in a pocket or in a bag. Because of that, we can take pictures… Read more

iPhone 13

iPhone Price Evolution by Every Size and Generation

Since the first release of the iPhone until now many years have passed. Over the years Apple has released 15 main generations of the iPhone and additional versions alongside bigger or smaller screens, with additional features or just affordable options. In this article, I have collected every single model of the iPhone and its price so you can find and compare the… Read more

Original Macintosh

Should I say Mac or Macintosh?

In the tech world, we are inundated with a number of acronyms and terms that seem to be constantly changing. “Mac” and “Macintosh” are among the most common terms you will hear. Should you say “Macintosh” or just “Mac” to say about the Apple computer? This is a question that has been debated for years. It all depends on what… Read more

Macintosh Performa

What kind of computer is a Mac Performa?

Macintosh Performa is a family of Apple personal computers manufactured for five years since 1992. Mac Performa computer family was designed for education and home users. Performa computers were cheaper than regular Macintosh II, Quadra, Centris, or Power Macintosh computers, and often offered even more than more expensive models at the time.  Macintosh Performa is a desktop computer available with decent… Read more