• Macintosh IIfx with Portrait Display and Extended Keyboard II

    History of Macintosh II Explained

    The Macintosh II computer series holds a special place in the hearts of tech enthusiasts and Apple aficionados alike. Launched in 1987, it marked a significant milestone in Apple’s history, breaking away from the all-in-one design of previous Mac models and introducing a vibrant world of color graphics. Targeting business and professional users, the Macintosh…

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  • iPhones

    Evolution of iPhone Camera (2007-2023)

    Since its debut in 2007, the iPhone has undergone significant changes, especially when it comes to the camera system. Each iteration of the iPhone has brought with it either minor or major advancements in how we capture pictures and videos. For many of us, the iPhone has become our go-to camera, always with us in…

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  • Mac Performa

    What kind of computer is a Mac Performa?

    Macintosh Performa is a family of Apple personal computers manufactured for five years since 1992. Mac Performa computer family was designed for education and home users. Performa computers were cheaper than regular Macintosh II, Quadra, Centris, or Power Macintosh computers, and often offered even more than more expensive models at the time.  Macintosh Performa is a…

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  • iOS Update

    How Often Does Apple Release iOS Updates?

    With the release of the new iPhones, Apple has been releasing a new iOS update every year. Many people wonder when the next release will be but are not sure how often Apple releases iOS updates. This article will break down the frequency of iOS updates and give you some insight into the process. What…

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