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Google Home app for iOS to get Matter Support in the Coming Weeks

Google has announced that it will soon be bringing Matter support to its Google Home app on iOS. This move comes after Google enabled Matter on Android and its Nest devices a few months ago. With the release of iOS 16.5, users will be able to set up and control their Matter devices directly from the Google Home app on their iOS devices.

The Google Home app has been expanding its support for Matter devices and other smart home gear, with over 60 new types of devices and sensors seeing expanded controls in the app. This means that users will be able to control their smart home devices without the need for additional apps. The setup and control of the device can be done entirely from the Home app, eliminating the need for additional accounts or downloads.

The rollout of Matter support on iOS is a significant move for Google, as it expands the reach of its smart home platform to millions of iOS users. The company has been investing heavily in its smart home ecosystem in recent years, and this move is yet another step in that direction.

Google has also recently launched a redesigned version of the Home app, which is now available for all users across Android and iOS. The new design features a more streamlined interface, making it easier for users to navigate and control their smart home devices.

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Google’s move to expand its smart home platform to iOS is a clear sign that the company is committed to building a robust ecosystem of smart home devices and services. With the increasing popularity of smart home devices, this move is likely to be welcomed by iOS users who have been waiting for Google’s Matter support. With this update, Google is well on its way to becoming a major player in the smart home space.

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