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iFixit Teardown: A Look Inside The HomePod 2

The iFixit team has recently shared a new teardown video of the 2nd Gen HomePod, showcasing just how easy it is to take apart compared to its predecessor. The 2018 model was built with heavy-duty materials, making it difficult to disassemble. However, the 2023 model features less adhesive, making it much more manageable to break down.

The teardown video demonstrates the straightforward process of taking apart the HomePod, with just a few screws and leverage needed to remove the upper cap and access the logic board. The bottom of the logic board features the S7 processor borrowed from the Apple Watch Series 7, while the top shows a series of small RGB LEDs that create the swirling colors under the top glass.

The center of the HomePod houses the main 4-inch woofer, which actuates 20 mm during playback. The audio amplifier board, located below the woofer, features a giant heat sink, which helps keep temperatures low and avoids affecting the audio quality.

Interestingly, the humidity and temperature detector in the base of the HomePod is the same as the one found in the HomePod mini.

Overall, the iFixit team was impressed by the HomePod’s design, calling it “surprisingly easy to dismantle”. This new design, with less adhesive and an easier disassembly process, is a significant improvement from the original model.

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