iMac G5 17-inch Late 2005 Datasheet

iMac with iSight
Source: apple.com – iMac with iSight

In the fast-paced world of technology, it’s crucial to take a step back and appreciate the innovations that paved the way for our modern devices. One such milestone in the history of personal computing is the iMac G5 17-inch Late 2005, a product of Apple’s ingenuity and commitment to pushing boundaries.

In 2005, Apple introduced the world to the iMac G5 series, marking a significant leap forward in personal computing. The iMac G5 17-inch Late 2005, unveiled on October 12, 2005, was a testament to Apple’s dedication to blending cutting-edge technology with sleek design.

The iMac G5 17-inch Late 2005 was not just a computer; it was a multimedia powerhouse. With its built-in iSight video camera and Front Row media experience, users could effortlessly enjoy music, photos, DVDs, and online content from the comfort of their couch, thanks to the included Apple Remote.

iMac with iSight
Source: apple.com – iMac with iSight

This model was ahead of its time with a built-in iSight camera, offering users the convenience of video conferencing right out of the box. Whether connecting with friends or family or simply having fun with the Photo Booth application, the iMac G5 facilitated seamless communication and entertainment.

Boasting a refined design that was thinner and lighter than its predecessors, the iMac G5 17-inch Late 2005 was as visually striking as it was powerful. With a 1.9 GHz PowerPC G5 processor, 512 MB of RAM, and ATI Radeon X600 graphics, it delivered exceptional performance for its time.

Equipped with the latest high-performance I/O, including Gigabit Ethernet, AirPort Extreme, Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, and FireWire 400 ports, the iMac G5 ensured seamless connectivity with external devices and networks. Additionally, its expandable memory and storage options provided users with flexibility and future-proofing.

iMac with iSight Webcam
Source: apple.com – iMac with iSight Webcam

As with all things in the tech world, progress marches forward. The iMac G5 17-inch Late 2005 was discontinued on January 10, 2006, making way for newer iterations of the iMac line. However, its impact and legacy endure, serving as a reminder of Apple’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design.

In retrospect, the iMac G5 17-inch Late 2005 remains a symbol of Apple’s pioneering spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence. Despite being 18 years old, it continues to capture the imagination of tech enthusiasts and historians alike. As we look back on its legacy, we’re reminded of the pivotal role it played in shaping the future of personal computing.

iMac with iSight Webcam
Source: apple.com – iMac with iSight Webcam

iMac G5 17-inch Late 2005 Details

IntroducedOctober 12, 2005 – 18 years ago
DiscontinuedJanuary 10, 2006 – 18 years ago
Time on the Market90 days (2 months)
Model IdentifierPowerMac12,1
Model NumberA1155
Order NumberMA063LL/A
Original Price$1,299
Weight15.5 Ibs.
7.030 KG
Dimensions16.9” H x 16.8” W x 6.8” D
42.92 cm H x 42.67 cm W x 17.27 cm D

iMac G5 Tech Specs


ProcessorPowerPC 970fx G5
Processor Speed1.9 GHz
Number of Cores1
System Bus633 MHz
Cache64 / 32 KB L1
512 KB backside L2

Storage & Media

Storage160 GB
250 GB
500 GB
Media1 – 8x DVD-ROM/CD-RW “Combo” drive slot-loading or 4x DVD-R/CD-RW “SuperDrive”


Built-in Memory512 MB
Maximum Memory2.5 GB
Memory Slots2 – PC2-4200 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM 533 MHz
Interleaving SupportNo


Built-in Display17″ TFT LCD Display
Brightness250 cd/m²
Resolutions640 x 480
800 x 500
800 x 600
1024 x 640
1024 x 768
1152 x 720
1440 x 900 (Native)


Graphics CardATI Radeon X600 Pro
Graphics Memory128 MB DDR
Display Connection1 – Mini-VGA (Composite and S-video with adapter)
Display ModesVideo mirroring only
External ResolutionN/A


Expansion SlotsNone
Optical Drive InterfaceUltra ATA/133
Hard Drive Interface1.5 Gbps Serial ATA (SATA)


Ethernet10/100/1000BASE-T (RJ-45)
ModemApple USB Modem MA034Z/A (Optional)
Wi-FiAirPort Extreme Card 802.11b/g
BluetoothBluetooth 2.0 + EDR
USB3 – 480 Mbps (USB 2.0)
FireWire2 – 400 Mbps
Infrared1 – For Apple Remote only
Audio In1 – 3.5-mm analog/optical input jack
1 – Built-in microphone
Audio Out1 – 3.5-mm analog/optical combo jack
2 – Built-in speakers
Display1 – Mini-VGA (Composite and S-video with adapter)

Keyboard and Mouse

PeripheralsApple Keyboard
Apple Mighty Mouse
Apple Remote


Original OSMac OS X 10.4.2
Maximum OSMac OS X 10.5.8
FirmwareMac OS ROM
Bundled SoftwareMac OS X 10.4
iLife ’05 (includes iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, GarageBand)
Photo Booth
Front Row
DVD Player
Address Book
iWork (30-day trial)
Classic environment
Quicken 2006 for Mac
2006 World Book
Nanosaur 2
Marble Blast Gold
Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Test Drive
Zinio Reader
XCode Developer Tools
Apple Hardware Test


Backup Battery3 V CR2032 Lithium
Maximum Continuous Power180 W
Line Voltage100-240 V AC

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