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Lightning and USB-C: A Dual-Port Experiment on the iPhone

The iPhone 15, expected to launch this fall, is rumored to finally make the switch to USB-C after years of using the Lightning port. However, one engineer has taken things into their own hands and created what could be the worst-case scenario for many users: a dual-port iPhone that features both Lightning and USB-C.

In a recent video posted to YouTube, the engineer added a second port to their iPhone, positioning a USB-C port to the right of the existing Lightning port. Both ports were fully functional, much to the surprise of viewers.

While this could bring back the ability to use headphones and charge at the same time, like in 2016, it is not a development that many are hoping for.

The switch to USB-C has been a long-awaited move for many iPhone users, and the rumored release of the iPhone 15 with this standard has sparked excitement.

This move is also likely due to upcoming legislation in the European Union that will require common charging ports for personal electronics. However, a recent rumor suggests that Apple may limit certain features to certified cables and accessories, maintaining their proprietary Made-For-iPhone ecosystem even with the use of a common charging standard.

While it is unclear if the iPhone 15 will follow this pattern, it is important to note that the USB-C port on the iPad, Apple TV remote, and Thunderbolt ports on Macs are not restricted to Apple-certified accessories only. Hopefully, the iPhone 15 will continue this trend and give users the freedom to choose their accessories without limitations.

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