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Macintosh Performa 466 Datasheet

In 1993, Apple revolutionized the personal computer market with the introduction of the Macintosh Performa 466. Part of the Macintosh Performa series, this computer showcased Apple’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology. Though short-lived, the Performa 466 remains a significant piece of Apple’s history and symbolizes the company’s unwavering dedication to innovation.

Released on October 18th, 1993, the Macintosh Performa 466 boasted an impressive range of features that made it a formidable computer during its time. Priced at $1,300, this personal computer offered users a powerful experience. Equipped with a 33 MHz Motorola 68030 processor and a Motorola 68882 FPU coprocessor, the Performa 466 delivered impressive processing power for its era.

Furthermore, the Performa 466 featured 4 MB of RAM, allowing users to handle complex tasks and multitasking with relative ease. With a 160 MB hard drive and a 1.44 MB floppy drive, users had ample storage space and convenient data transfer options at their disposal. Its sleek “pizza box” case design made the Performa 466 a compact and easily upgradable machine, catering to the needs of a diverse user base.

Despite its promising start, the Macintosh Performa 466 faced an untimely demise. Merely one month after its release, Apple discontinued the model on November 1st, 1993. This short lifespan in the market may have left some users disappointed, but it also adds to the mystique and rarity surrounding the Performa 466 today.

Fast forward to the present day, and the Macintosh Performa 466 has become a relic of the past. As it celebrates its 30-year anniversary, this iconic machine continues to hold a special place in the hearts of Apple enthusiasts and technology aficionados alike. It stands as a testament to Apple’s relentless pursuit of excellence and its unwavering commitment to pushing technological boundaries.

Looking back at the Performa 466, we can appreciate the impact it had on shaping the future of personal computing. It laid the foundation for subsequent advancements and innovations in the Macintosh line of computers, leaving an indelible mark on Apple’s storied history.

An interesting footnote in Performa 466’s story is its educational counterpart, the LC III+. Providing an enhanced learning experience, the LC III+ catered specifically to educational institutions. Sharing many similarities with the Performa 466, the LC III+ offered students and educators the opportunity to explore the world of computing with Apple’s reliable technology.

The Macintosh Performa 466 may have had a short-lived stint in the market, but its significance cannot be overlooked. This groundbreaking machine showcased Apple’s commitment to delivering powerful technology to its users. Today, as we remember the Performa 466, we honor its role in Apple’s history and the lasting impact it had on the evolution of personal computing. The Macintosh Performa 466 will forever remain a symbol of Apple’s innovative spirit and dedication to providing top-notch technology to its customers.

Macintosh Performa 466
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Macintosh Performa 466 Details

IntroducedOctober 18, 1993
DiscontinuedNovember 1, 1993
Model Identifier62
Model NumberM1254
Order NumberM2156LL/A
Original Price$1,300
Weight8.8 Ibs.
3.991 KG
Dimensions2.9” H x 12.2” W x 15.3” D
7.36 cm H x 30.98 cm W x 38.86 cm D

Mac Performa 466 Tech Specs


ProcessorMotorola 68030
Processor Speed33 MHz
Number of Cores1
System Bus33 MHz
Cache0.5 KB L1
CoprocessorMotorola 68882 FPU (Optional)

Storage & Media

Storage160 MB
Media1 – 1.44 MB Floppy


Built-in Memory4 MB
Maximum Memory36 MB
Memory Slots1 – 72 pin SIMM
Minimum Speed80 ns
Interleaving SupportNo


Built-in DisplayNone


Graphics CardNone
Graphics Memory512 KB (Upgradeable to 768 KB via one socket)
Display Connection1 – DB-15


Expansion Slots1 – LC III PDS (Cache Bus)
Hard Drive InterfaceSCSI


SCSI1 – DB-25
Floppy PortNone
Audio In1 – 3.5-mm mono input jack
Audio Out1 – 3.5-mm mono output jack
Display1 – DB-15


Original OSSystem Software 7.1
Maximum OSMac OS 7.6.1
FirmwareMacintosh ROM


Backup Battery3.6 V lithium
Maximum Continuous Power50 W
Line VoltageUnknown

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