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Macintosh Performa 475 Datasheet

Step back in time to the 90s when Apple’s Macintosh Performa series ruled the computing landscape. Among the popular choices during that era was the Macintosh Performa 475, a computer that combined power, functionality, and affordability. Launched on October 18, 1993, this remarkable machine captured the hearts of consumers with its sleek design and impressive specifications.

Even after 30 years, the Performa 475 remains an icon among retro computer enthusiasts, symbolizing the simpler yet groundbreaking era of computing. Let’s delve into the features and enduring legacy of this beloved device.

At the forefront of technological innovation, the Macintosh Performa 475 was ahead of its time. Powered by a robust 25 MHz Motorola 68LC040 processor, it delivered performance and speed that surpassed its competitors. With 4 MB of RAM and a spacious 160 MB hard drive, this machine struck the perfect balance between storage capacity and processing capability. Additionally, the inclusion of a 1.44 MB floppy drive ensured seamless data transfer and accessibility.

The Macintosh Performa 475 was designed to cater to both personal and business needs. Whether you were a creative professional or a diligent student, this versatile computer offered a comprehensive set of tools for productivity. Its sleek “pizza box” case not only added a touch of elegance to any desk but also housed a powerhouse of features. With the Performa 475, users could effortlessly engage in word processing, graphic design, and data management, thanks to the inclusion of robust software packages like ClarisWorks and Quicken.

Sadly, as with many technological marvels, the Performa 475 eventually met its discontinuation on April 1, 1996. However, its legacy lives on in the hearts of retro computer enthusiasts who cherish the memories and experiences associated with this remarkable machine. Even today, the Performa 475 retains its allure as a collector’s item, sought after by individuals around the world eager to relive the golden age of computing.

The Macintosh Performa 475 was a true pioneer, laying the foundation for the technological advancements that we enjoy today. It represents an era when computers were simpler yet held immense potential. As we reflect on Performa 475’s impact, it serves as a testament to Apple’s commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. This iconic device remains a classic example of the groundbreaking products that Apple has introduced throughout its storied history.

In a world filled with cutting-edge technology, it’s often refreshing to take a step back and appreciate the humble beginnings of our digital age. The Macintosh Performa 475 encapsulates an era of computing when elegance, power, and functionality converged. Although discontinued, its influence and desirability among retro computer enthusiasts persist. The Performa 475 will forever be remembered as an emblem of Apple’s commitment to revolutionizing the computing industry. As we marvel at the feats of modern technology, let’s not forget the roots from which it all began.

Mac Performa 475
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Macintosh Performa 475 Details

IntroducedOctober 18, 1993
DiscontinuedApril 1, 1996
Model Identifier89
Model NumberM1476
Order NumberM1904LL/A
Original Price$1,600
Weight8.8 Ibs.
3.991 KG
Dimensions2.9” H x 12.2” W x 15.3” D
7.36 cm H x 30.98 cm W x 38.86 cm D

Mac Performa 475 Tech Specs


ProcessorMotorola 68LC040
Processor Speed25 MHz
Number of Cores1
System Bus25 MHz
Cache0.5 KB L1

Storage & Media

Storage160 MB
Media1 – 1.44 MB Floppy


Built-in Memory4 MB
Maximum Memory132 MB (Actual)
36 MB (Apple)
Memory Slots1 – 72 pin SIMM
Minimum Speed80 ns
Interleaving SupportNo


Built-in DisplayNone


Graphics CardNone
Graphics Memory512 KB (Upgradeable to 1 MB via two sockets)
Display Connection1 – DB-15


Expansion Slots1 – LC III PDS (Cache Bus)
Hard Drive InterfaceSCSI


Modem9.6k (external)
SCSI1 – DB-25
Floppy PortNone
Audio In1 – 3.5-mm mono input jack
Audio Out1 – 3.5-mm stereo output jack
Display1 – DB-15


Original OSSystem Software 7.1
Maximum OSMac OS 8.1
FirmwareMacintosh ROM


Backup Battery3.6 V lithium
Maximum Continuous Power30 W
Line VoltageUnknown

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