Macintosh System Software 0.1 Macintosh System Software 0.1

Macintosh System Software 0.1: Release Details

On May 5th, 1984, Apple released Macintosh System Software 0.1, an operating system designed and developed alongside the Macintosh computer. This was the first update of the Macintosh System Software, and it was a significant milestone in Apple’s history.

The Macintosh System Software 0.1 was a maintenance release, featuring updates such as a new Mountain scene, an updated About box, and a new Clean Up Command. These new features were designed to improve the overall user experience and make the Macintosh computer more efficient and user-friendly.

However, the Macintosh System Software 0.1 was not the final version of the software. In the coming months, Apple released Macintosh System Software 0.3, which replaced the previous version. Today, Macintosh System Software 0.1 is 39 years old, and it serves as a reminder of the early days of Apple’s Macintosh computers.

Apple Macintosh 128K
Source: – Apple Macintosh 128K
ReleasedMay 5, 1984
System RequirementsMotorola 68000 processor or later
128 KB of RAM
Distribution400 KB floppy disk
VersionsSystem 1.1
Finder 1.1g

Despite being replaced by newer versions, Macintosh System Software 0.1 played a significant role in the development of Apple’s Macintosh computers. It was the foundation upon which future versions of the software were built, and it helped pave the way for the Macintosh computers to become the household name they are today.

Macintosh System Software on Video

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