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macOS Ventura 13.3.1 Update Is Now Available

Apple has just released the latest update for its macOS Ventura operating system, version 13.3.1. This update follows closely on the heels of version 13.3, which was launched less than two weeks ago. While this is a minor update, it brings important bug fixes and security updates to the operating system.

Users can easily download the new update for free on all eligible Macs by navigating to the Software Update section of System Settings. Once the update is downloaded and installed, users will notice improvements to two key areas: Auto Unlock with Apple Watch and the appearance of the pushing hands emoji.

Apple’s release notes state that the update fixes a bug that previously prevented Auto Unlock with Apple Watch from functioning properly. Additionally, users may have noticed that the pushing hands emoji did not display skin tone variations correctly. This update addresses that issue as well.

While this update may not be a major one, it’s important for users to keep their operating systems up to date with the latest bug fixes and security updates. Apple is currently beta testing macOS Ventura 13.4, which will follow the release of macOS Ventura 13.3 in the coming weeks. This forthcoming update promises to bring even more improvements to the operating system, so stay tuned for more information on its release date.

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