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MagSafe for All: Qi2 Incorporates Apple’s Innovative Charging Technology

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has announced that the next generation of Qi wireless charging will incorporate technology similar to Apple’s wireless MagSafe, making it one of the greatest Apple features available to all.

The new technology, known as the Magnetic Power Profile, will be incorporated into the Qi2 standard, which is set to replace its predecessor, Qi, in a rapidly expanding market. According to the WPC, about one billion devices – transmitters and receivers – will be sold worldwide in 2023.

The Qi2 standard will improve the efficiency and interoperability of wireless charging, paving the way for significant future increases in charging speeds that are safe, energy-efficient, and won’t shorten battery life or damage a user’s phone.

Similar to MagSafe, Qi2 will enable smartphones and other mobile products to be perfectly aligned with chargers, allowing for improved charging efficiency and faster charging.

This launch will also expand the wireless charging market by opening it to new accessories that wouldn’t be chargeable using current flat surface-to-flat surface devices.

The WPC advises that Qi2 accessories and devices will be available for consumers to buy by the 2023 holiday season and will completely replace the current Qi charging standard.

This is major news for the wireless charging industry. Apple’s MagSafe tech has changed the game for wireless charging and accessories, and now, all Android users can rejoice as they too can experience the convenience and ease of magnetic wireless charging.

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