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Mercedes-Benz Joins Apple’s Digital Car Key Revolution

Apple’s digital car key feature is expanding its reach to include Mercedes-Benz, according to recent updates to the tech giant’s back-end configuration files. This development was spotted by Nicolás Álvarez and shared via @aaronp613 on Twitter. The move marks another step forward for Apple’s ambitious foray into the automotive industry, as it continues to forge partnerships with leading automakers.

Initially introduced with a select few brands like BMW, BYD, Genesis, Hyundai, and Kia, the digital car key feature allows users to add a virtual car key to their Wallet app on both their iPhone and Apple Watch. This digital key enables users to conveniently lock, unlock, and even start their vehicles without the need for a physical key. The recent addition of Lotus to Apple’s configuration files indicated the company’s ongoing efforts to broaden the scope of its digital car key feature.

Mercedes-Benz, a renowned name in the luxury automotive sector, announced last month that its new E-Class sedan would support Apple’s digital car key feature. The German automaker refers to this feature as the Digital Vehicle Key and includes it as part of the KEYLESS-GO Comfort Package. What sets Mercedes-Benz’s implementation apart is its ability to share the digital key with up to 16 individuals. The primary user has the flexibility to assign specific rights to each recipient, granting access to the vehicle or even authorizing them to drive it.

The functionality of the digital car key varies depending on the technology adopted by each manufacturer. In some cases, users may need to hold their iPhone or Apple Watch in close proximity to the car’s door handle or in-car reader for it to function. Other vehicles may support a passive entry system, where the digital key remains active as long as the user carries their device with them. Additionally, certain models may even offer remote lock and unlock capabilities using the digital car key.

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Apple’s collaboration with Mercedes-Benz represents another significant milestone in its pursuit of revolutionizing the automotive industry. By leveraging its expertise in software and mobile devices, Apple is empowering users to streamline their car ownership experience. The convenience and flexibility offered by the digital car key feature align with Apple’s commitment to enhancing the overall user experience across various domains.

As Apple continues to expand its ecosystem into the automotive realm, it remains to be seen which other manufacturers will join the ranks of those supporting the digital car key feature. With each new partnership, Apple solidifies its position as a key player in the automotive technology landscape, emphasizing its dedication to shaping the future of transportation through innovative and user-centric solutions.

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