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Power Macintosh 9515 Datasheet

In the ever-evolving realm of technology, milestones are etched as markers of progress. One such landmark moment for Apple arrived on October 1st, 1995, with the launch of the Power Macintosh 9515. Emerging as a cherished member of the illustrious Power Macintosh series, this computer seamlessly melded power and performance, carving a niche in the hearts of tech aficionados that remains steadfast to this day.

At its core, the Power Macintosh 9515 boasted a formidable 132 MHz PowerPC 604 processor, paired with a groundbreaking 16 MB of RAM. However, it was not just the numbers that mattered; it was the symphony of these components that heralded a new era of computing excellence. Alongside its innovative prowess, the computer sported a 1 GB or 2 GB hard drive, a rarity in its time, signaling Apple’s commitment to pushing boundaries.

But it was the intricate details that truly set the Power Macintosh 9515 apart. A 4x CD-ROM drive and a 1.44 MB floppy drive paved the way for hassle-free data exchange, underpinning the machine’s versatile persona. Not to be outdone, the inclusion of the 2 MB ixMicro Twin Turbo graphics card transformed the computer into an artistic canvas, appealing to professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Regrettably, the sunset all too soon on the Power Macintosh 9515. On September 1st, 1996, its production came to a close, leaving a brief yet indelible mark on the landscape of computing. Little did the world know that this computer’s legacy would continue to flourish for years to come.

Fast forward 28 years, and the Power Macintosh 9515 persists as more than just a collection of circuits and codes. It resides in the hearts of Apple devotees and technology enthusiasts as a symbol of Apple’s pioneering spirit. Despite the vast leaps taken by contemporary computers, the 9515 remains a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to innovation.

Whether one’s allegiance lies with Apple or technology at large, the Power Macintosh 9515 is a beacon that beckons remembrance. It embodies a chapter in history that encapsulates the relentless pursuit of excellence and the desire to redefine possibilities.

While the Power Macintosh 9515 shares the essence of its predecessor, the Power Macintosh 9500, an intriguing distinction emerges. Sold exclusively in Europe and Asia, the 9515 showcased Apple’s strategic approach to market segmentation, catering to distinct preferences and requirements.

In the tapestry of technology, the Power Macintosh 9515 is a thread woven with nostalgia and admiration. It beckons us to reflect on the evolution of computing while honoring the innovation that laid the foundation for today’s digital landscape. As we embrace the future, let us not forget the chapters that brought us here. The Power Macintosh 9515 stands tall as an embodiment of Apple’s commitment to pushing boundaries and its undeniable place in the annals of technology history.

Power Macintosh 9515
Source: wikipedia.org – Power Macintosh 9515

Power Macintosh 9515 Details

IntroducedOctober 1, 1995
DiscontinuedSeptember 1, 1996
Model Identifier67
Model NumberM3098
Order NumberM4478J/A
Original PriceUnknown
Weight36.8 Ibs.
16.692 KG
Dimensions16.9” H x 7.7” W x 15.75” D
42.9 cm H x 19.5 cm W x 40 cm D

Power Mac 9515 Tech Specs


ProcessorPowerPC 604
Processor Speed132 MHz
Number of Cores1
System Bus45 MHz
Cache32 KB L1
512 KB L2
CoprocessorBuilt-in FPU

Storage & Media

Storage1 GB
2 GB
Media1 – 1.44 MB Floppy
1 – 4x CD-ROM


Built-in Memory16 MB
Maximum Memory1.5 GB
Memory Slots12 – 168 pin DIMM
Minimum Speed70 ns
Interleaving SupportYes


Built-in DisplayNone


Graphics CardixMicro Twin Turbo
Graphics Memory2 MB (Upgradable to 4 MB)
Display Connection1 – DB-15


Expansion Slots6 – PCI
Hard Drive InterfaceSCSI


SCSI1 – DB-25
Floppy PortNone
Audio In1 – 3.5-mm analog input jack
Audio Out1 – 3.5-mm analog output jack
1 – Built-in speaker
Display1 – DB-15


Original OSSystem Software 7.5.2
Maximum OSMac OS 9.1
FirmwareMacintosh ROM


Backup Battery4.5 V Alkaline
Maximum Continuous Power225 W
Line Voltage100-125 V
200-240 V

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