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Seth Rogen Teases Second Season of ‘Platonic’ Comedy Series on Apple TV+

Seth Rogen recently hinted at possibly a second season for the buddy comedy series, “Platonic,” available on Apple TV+. Although Apple has not officially confirmed the renewal, Rogen’s optimism in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter suggests that fans can expect more of the lighthearted, MA-rated comedy.

In the interview, Rogen, one of the show’s stars, shared insights about the show’s future:

Originally labeled as a limited series, Platonic appears to be breaking free from its initial constraints. When asked about the potential for more seasons, Rogen expressed confidence, stating, “Yeah, it looks like we’re going to do more.” However, it’s essential to note that Apple TV+ has not officially confirmed a second season renewal as of yet.

Rogen reflected on the decision-making process, revealing that discussions about extending the series took place even during the first season. Despite initial reservations and a preference for not counting eggs before they hatch, Rogen’s commitment to ensuring both the creators and audience’s satisfaction with the show led to the decision to explore further seasons.

Platonic, a delightful and MA-rated comedy, features the dynamic duo of Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen. Originally commissioned in 2020, the series premiered in May 2023 and has garnered attention for its unique approach to adult themes while maintaining a light-hearted tone. The complete first season is currently available for streaming on Apple TV+.

Rogen’s cautious optimism and the first season’s success suggest that fans may be in for more entertaining adventures with Platonic. While waiting for an official announcement from Apple TV+, enthusiasts of edgy comedies are encouraged to check out the first season if they haven’t already—a binge-worthy experience that manages to explore adult themes without losing its comedic charm.

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