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Stolen Device Protection Will Defend Against iPhone Theft

In the fast-paced world of technology, iPhone theft has become a growing concern. Thieves can gain unauthorized access to your Apple ID, wreaking havoc within seconds. However, Apple is taking a proactive step to address this issue with the introduction of the Stolen Device Protection feature in the upcoming iOS 17.3 update.

Recent reports highlight a surge in thefts targeting iPhone users, where cunning thieves employ various tactics to acquire device passcodes. Once successful, they can exploit the passcode to change the Apple ID password, compromise signed-in devices, and gain complete control over the user’s account within moments.

Stolen Device Protection Apple’s solution to this security threat is the implementation of the Stolen Device Protection feature. This optional security measure introduces a time delay for critical information alterations, ensuring that users can respond promptly if their device is stolen.

Stolen Device Protection activates when the iPhone is outside of trusted locations such as home or work. With this feature enabled, users face a one-hour delay and must authenticate biometrics twice before making significant changes to their Apple ID or device settings.

With Stolen Device Protection, users can no longer rely solely on passcodes for crucial actions. Biometrics, such as Face ID or Touch ID, become mandatory for tasks like updating passwords, applying for an Apple Card or turning off Lost Mode.

To address potential inconvenience, trusted locations, like home or work, exempt users from the security delay. This ensures that regular activities are not hindered by the added security measures.

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Stolen Device Protection enforces a security delay for actions such as changing the Apple ID password, updating security settings, altering the iPhone passcode, and more. Thieves attempting unauthorized changes face a biometric authentication process, a one-hour delay, and another round of biometric verification.

Currently available in beta as a toggle in Face ID & Passcode settings, Stolen Device Protection will likely be presented to users during the onboarding process in the full release of iOS 17.3.

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