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System Software 2.0 & 2.0.1: Release Details

Apple has always been a pioneer in the world of technology, and its operating systems are no exception. In 1987, the company released System Software 2.0, an operating system that was designed and developed alongside Apple’s Macintosh computers. This release marked a significant milestone in the history of Apple’s operating systems, as it introduced a host of new features and capabilities.

System Software 2.0 was released on January 12, 1987, and it introduced AppleShare, a revolutionary new feature that allowed users to share files and resources over a network. This feature was a game-changer for Macintosh users, as it made it easy for them to collaborate and share information with others.

Source: – Macintosh 512Ke
ReleasedJanuary 12, 1987 (2.0)
March 2, 1987 (2.0.1)
System RequirementsMotorola 68000 processor or later,
512 KB of memory (System 4.0, Finder 5.4)
1 MB of memory (System 4.1, Finder 5.5)
Distribution800 KB floppy disk
VersionsSystem Software 2.0 – System 3.3, Finder 5.4
System Software 2.0.1 – System 4.0, Finder 5.4
or System 4.1, Finder 5.5

Just two months after the release of System Software 2.0, Apple released an update, System Software 2.0.1, on March 2, 1987. This version was dedicated to Macintosh II and Macintosh SE and contained an updated LaserWriter driver. This update further enhanced the capabilities of the operating system and provided even more functionality for Macintosh users.

While System Software 2.0 & 2.0.1 were groundbreaking at the time, they have since been replaced by newer versions of the Macintosh operating system. Today, System Software 2.0 & 2.0.1 is 37 years old, and it serves as a reminder of the early days of Apple’s operating systems and the company’s commitment to innovation and progress.

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