• Apple Watch Bands Spring 2023

    Apple Unveils 19 New Apple Watch Bands and Hermès Collaboration

    Apple has released 19 new Apple Watch bands, providing users with a range of fresh color options for their smartwatches. The tech giant also launched a new line of bands for its Apple Watch Hermès collaboration, called the “Hermès Casaque” line. The Solo Loop bands are available in Sprout Green, Canary Yellow, Olive, and Purple…

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  • AirTag Tracking

    AirTags Reveal Most Donated Shoes in Singapore’s Recycling Program Were Not Recycled

    Singaporean government and chemical producer Dow has come under scrutiny following an investigation into their shoe recycling program. The initiative, launched in 2022, aimed to recycle the rubber soles and midsoles of donated shoes into material for constructing playgrounds and running tracks. However, a recent report has revealed that most of the donated shoes were…

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  • AirTag

    AirTag Helps Track Down Stolen Car, Leads to Thief’s Arrest

    Apple’s AirTag has once again proven to be a valuable tool in tracking down a stolen vehicle. This time, in the city of Cary, North Carolina, the AirTag led to the arrest of three juvenile thieves, but not before the stolen car crashed during a high-speed chase. According to WRAL News, the theft of the…

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