• Apple Pay

    Apple Faces Antitrust Lawsuit Over Apple Pay Dominance

    In a significant legal battle that could reshape the digital payments landscape, Apple finds itself at the center of an antitrust lawsuit. A federal judge, Jeffrey White of the California Northern District, has refused to dismiss a proposed class-action suit brought forth by three credit unions. These financial institutions allege that Apple Pay not only…

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  • Spotify

    Apple and Spotify Clash in Ongoing EU Antitrust Case

    Apple and Spotify are once again locked in a legal battle as the European Union’s antitrust case against Apple continues to unfold. The EU’s preliminary conclusion in 2021 indicated that Apple’s App Store unfairly favored its own music streaming service, Apple Music, over Spotify and other competitors. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple’s lawyers…

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  • App Store

    India’s Competition Commission Set to Rule on App Store Antitrust Case Against Apple

    Apple’s App Store is once again in the spotlight as the Competition Commission of India (CCI) nears the end of its antitrust investigation into the tech giant. According to reports from the Economic Times of India, the CCI is currently in the final stages of reviewing a report on the investigation, indicating that a ruling…

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