• Apple SOS 1.3

    Apple Sophisticated Operating System 1.3: Release Details

    Apple’s Sophisticated Operating System 1.3 (SOS 1.3) made its debut in 1982, specifically designed for the Apple III Plus computer. This updated version of the original Apple SOS was publicly released on November 1st of that year and offered a menu-driven utility program and programming application programming interface (API) for accessing the resources of the…

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  • Apple Daisy Wheel Printer

    Apple Daisy Wheel Printer Explained

    Apple has always been known for its innovative products, and the Daisy Wheel Printer is no exception. First introduced on October 1, 1982, as part of the Apple Printer Series, the Daisy Wheel Printer quickly became a popular choice for users looking for a high-performance printing solution. With a printing speed of 40 characters per…

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  • Apple Dot Matrix Printer

    Apple Dot Matrix Printer Explained

    In 1982, Apple introduced the world to the Apple Dot Matrix Printer, the latest addition to the Apple Printer Series. The printer was available for purchase starting on October 1st, 1982, with a starting price of $699. The Apple Dot Matrix Printer boasted impressive technical specifications, including a printing speed of 120 characters per second…

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