• Apple Wallet app Balance

    Apple Wallet Expands Access to Account Balances for 10 Leading UK Banks

    Apple continues to revolutionize the digital banking experience with its latest update, enabling users to effortlessly monitor their account balances for 10 prominent UK banks and card companies through the Apple Wallet app. This transformative feature, initially introduced in the developer beta of iOS 17.1, is now gaining momentum, offering users a convenient way to…

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  • Apple Wallet

    Apple Wallet Empowers UK Users with Account Balances

    In a groundbreaking move, Apple has introduced a game-changing feature to its Wallet app for UK users. This innovation allows individuals to seamlessly access their current account balances, recent deposits, and payments directly from their iPhones. This development marks a significant step towards Apple potentially expanding its banking services in the UK market. The feature,…

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  • Digital Car Key

    Mercedes-Benz Joins Apple’s Digital Car Key Revolution

    Apple’s digital car key feature is expanding its reach to include Mercedes-Benz, according to recent updates to the tech giant’s back-end configuration files. This development was spotted by Nicolás Álvarez and shared via @aaronp613 on Twitter. The move marks another step forward for Apple’s ambitious foray into the automotive industry, as it continues to forge…

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  • Georgia iPhone Driver's License Wallet

    Georgia Becomes Fourth State to Add Driver’s License and ID to Apple Wallet

    In a move towards digitizing identification, Georgia has joined the ranks of Arizona, Maryland, and Colorado as the fourth U.S. state to allow residents to add their driver’s license or state ID to the Wallet app on the iPhone and Apple Watch. This new feature offers a convenient and contactless way for Georgia residents to…

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  • Apple Card Savings account

    Apple Card Users Can Now Earn 4.15% on Savings Account Through Wallet App

    Apple has announced that its Apple Card Savings Account is now available on the Wallet app, offering a high-yield annual percentage rate (APY) of 4.15%. This new integration was first announced back in October, and the company has been developing it ever since. The Savings Account is designed to help users save more money and…

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  • Apple Card Savings

    Apple Card Terms and Conditions Update Hints at Launch of Apple Savings Account

    Apple is notorious for keeping tight-lipped about upcoming product launches, but an update to the Apple Card terms and conditions has given users a glimmer of hope that the long-awaited Apple Savings account may finally be on the horizon. First announced in October 2022, the Apple Savings account was touted as a new feature that…

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