• European Union

    Apple Urged by EU to Open Hardware and Software Gates

    In a bold move, EU industry chief Thierry Breton has publicly called on Apple CEO Tim Cook to open up the company’s ecosystem of hardware and software to competitors. This call comes in the wake of a face-to-face meeting between Breton and Cook in Brussels, Belgium, highlighting the increasing pressure on tech giants to level…

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  • App Store

    Apple Faces Deadline to Comply with Europe’s Digital Markets Act

    Apple has been given until March 5 of next year to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in Europe. The legislation requires Apple to allow either third-party app stores or sideloading of apps by that date. This development comes after Apple confirmed its qualification as a “gatekeeper” under the upcoming law. However, despite this…

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  • Spotify

    Apple and Spotify Clash in Ongoing EU Antitrust Case

    Apple and Spotify are once again locked in a legal battle as the European Union’s antitrust case against Apple continues to unfold. The EU’s preliminary conclusion in 2021 indicated that Apple’s App Store unfairly favored its own music streaming service, Apple Music, over Spotify and other competitors. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple’s lawyers…

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  • iPhone Battery

    EU Parliament Votes in Favor of Regulation Requiring Easily Replaceable iPhone Batteries

    In a move that could have significant implications for Apple and its customers, the European Union is pushing forward with new regulations that would mandate “easily” replaceable iPhone batteries. This development comes after our initial report on the proposed legislation in December, and now the EU parliament has overwhelmingly endorsed the plan. While this decision…

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  • Apple Store UK

    European Commission Appeals to Highest Court in Europe Over Apple’s Irish Back Taxes Legal Case

    In a dramatic twist to the long-standing dispute over Apple’s back taxes, the European Commission has taken the matter to the Court of Justice of the European Union, seeking to overturn a lower tribunal’s decision that favored the tech giant. If successful, this move could result in Apple being held accountable for a staggering sum…

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  • Apple Pay

    EU Ramps Up Antitrust Probe into Apple Pay Restrictions

    Apple Pay, the tap-to-pay platform of tech giant Apple, is facing increasing antitrust scrutiny in the European Union (EU). According to a recent report by Bloomberg, the EU antitrust investigators are ramping up their probe into Apple Pay after requesting more information from retailers about the usage and availability of mobile payment platforms. This is…

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  • Messages

    Apple Forced to Make iMessage Accessible in New EU Regulations

    The European Union has amended the Digital Markets Act to include new provisions that would require Apple to make iMessage accessible. The Act, which was approved by the European Council in July 2022, contains a range of restrictions to prevent major tech firms like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google from engaging in anticompetitive activities. It…

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  • European Union

    Apple Faces Potential $39.4 Billion Fine From EU Over App Store Rules

    Apple is facing a potential $39.4 billion fine from the European Union (EU) after the European Commission announced it had issued a Statement of Objections against the company over concerns regarding its App Store rules for music streaming services that compete against Apple Music. The Commission is alleging that “Apple’s anti-steering obligations are unfair trading…

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