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    Eddy Cue Defends Google as Default Search Engine on iPhone

    In the ongoing tech saga between Google and Apple, the default search engine on iPhones has become a hot topic of discussion. While both tech giants may have their differences, Apple’s Senior Vice President, Eddy Cue, staunchly defends Google as the only viable option. Despite the ongoing antitrust investigation surrounding Google’s dominance, Cue’s recent testimony…

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    iOS 17 Unveils Secret Search Engine Setting in Apple’s Testimony Against Google

    In a riveting turn of events at the Department of Justice’s antitrust suit against Google, Apple’s powerhouse, John Giannandrea, Senior VP of ML and AI Strategy, took center stage. Giannandrea divulged a clandestine feature tucked away in iOS 17, revolutionizing how users interact with their iPhone’s default search engine. While Apple is not a defendant…

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