• MacBook Air M2

    Expert Predicts Release of New 15-inch MacBook Air from Apple this April

    Apple is reportedly on track to launch a new 15-inch MacBook Air in April, according to Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young. This latest report builds on Young’s earlier announcement last month that Apple’s supply chain had begun production of display panels for the laptop, which he claimed would be the largest display size…

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  • MacBook Air

    Apple Analysts Predict Upcoming MacBook Air and iPad Pro Launches

    Apple fans, get ready for some exciting news! According to a new report from Mark Gurman, the tech giant has some big plans in the works for its laptops and tablets. In his recent Power On newsletter, Mark shared some details about what we can expect from Apple’s upcoming 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air laptops,…

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  • Mac Pro 2019

    Apple VP Hints at Apple Silicon Mac Pro and Improved Battery Life for Apple Watch

    Apple’s Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, Bob Borchers, has hinted at the upcoming Apple silicon Mac Pro and the company’s focus on the Apple Watch’s battery life in a recent interview with India Today. In the interview, Borchers reaffirmed Apple’s commitment to transitioning all Macs to Apple silicon. Borchers stated that Apple strongly believes…

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  • VR Headset

    Reality Pro: Apple’s Mixed-Reality Headset May Not Need an iPhone After All

    Apple’s highly anticipated mixed-reality headset is one of the company’s most ambitious projects yet. With the first release in the lineup expected to debut in 2023, rumors abound about its features and capabilities. Recent reports suggest that the headset may not require an iPhone to work, making it more of a standalone device than previously…

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  • MacBook Air M2

    Apple’s Larger MacBook Air Rumored for April Launch

    Apple fans may soon have something to look forward to, as the rumored 15.5-inch MacBook Air may be launching as early as April, according to Display Supply Chain Consultants analyst Ross Young. In a tweet, Young stated that panel production for the new machine has begun this month, leading him to expect an early April…

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  • iMac

    Rumor: Apple Expected to Release New iMac with M3 chip in Late 2023

    According to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple fans may have to wait until late 2023 for a new 24-inch iMac. In his latest newsletter, Gurman stated that Apple has no plans to launch a new iMac with the M2 chip and instead will release a model with the M3 chip, which has yet…

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  • Apple M2 Chip

    Interview: Apple Execs Discuss Chip Design and Neural Engine

    Apple recently held an interview with its executives to discuss the Apple Silicon design process and the technology behind it. Laura Metz, Director of Product Marketing, Anand Shimpi of Hardware Engineering, and Tuba Yalcin from the Pro Workflow team were among the attendees who shared their insights and expertise on the topic. The 30-minute video…

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  • Apple Reality Pro Concept

    Apple’s Reality Pro: A Closer Look at the Features and Price

    In a new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, we’ve learned more about the upcoming Apple Reality Pro headset and its capabilities. According to people familiar with the product, the device’s eye- and hand-tracking capabilities will be a major selling point. The Reality Pro is expected to cost around $3,000, which is rough twice the price…

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  • Mac mini M2

    New M2 Macs: Faster Chip, Slower Performance?

    According to 9to5Mac, the latest M2 Mac mini models, and new M2 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, it appears that due to a hardware decision, the previous generation of these Macs may be faster in some aspects. 9to5Mac cracked open one of the new M2 Pro MacBook Pro models and found that, like the…

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  • Mac mini M2 and M2 Pro

    New Mac mini Unveiled with M2 and M2 Pro chips

    Apple has unveiled the new Mac mini, featuring the M2 and an all-new M2 Pro chip, with a more affordable starting price of $599. The machine is available to order today and will be available for purchase on Tuesday, January 24. The new Mac mini with M2 and M2 Pro delivers faster performance over the…

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