• Mark Zuckerberg

    Meta CEO Slams Apple’s Vision Pro, Citing Lack of Innovation and High Cost

    Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently responded to Apple’s announcement of the Vision Pro in a companywide meeting with employees, as reported by The Verge’s Alex Heath. Zuckerberg expressed his thoughts on Apple’s latest offering and highlighted the disparities between their respective values and visions. According to Zuckerberg, Meta has already explored and considered the constraints…

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  • Meta Verified

    Meta Launches Verification Program, Offering Blue Checkmark Badge and Exclusive Features

    Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has launched its own verification program for users called Meta Verified. The program grants users a blue checkmark badge and exclusive features, similar to Twitter’s paid offering. This subscription service allows people to verify their identity by providing a government-issued ID to show others that they are who they claim to…

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  • Siri

    Former Apple Engineer Explains Why Siri Struggles to Keep up with ChatGPT

    Apple is reportedly testing generative AI concepts that could potentially improve Siri, the company’s virtual assistant. Despite fundamental issues with Siri’s design, Apple engineers, including members of the Siri team, have been testing language-generation concepts every week in response to the rise of chatbots like ChatGPT. These next-generation AI technologies have highlighted how Siri, Alexa,…

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