• Apple Music on PlayStation 5

    PlayStation 5 Owners Get 6 Months of Free Apple Music!

    In an exciting collaboration, Apple is amplifying the beats for PlayStation 5 owners by providing an exclusive offer of up to six months of complimentary access to the mesmerizing world of Apple Music. This extraordinary deal is part of Apple’s initiative to harmonize the PlayStation experience with the power of top-tier music streaming. To embark…

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  • Apple TV+

    Apple and Sony Collaborate to Provide Exclusive Apple TV+ Trials to PlayStation Owners

    Apple and Sony have joined forces once again to bring an exciting offer to PlayStation owners. As reported by Push Square, PS5 owners can now enjoy a generous six-month free trial of Apple TV+, while PS4 owners can avail themselves of a three-month trial. This collaboration between the tech giant and the gaming powerhouse marks…

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