• Uber Eats Live Activities Concept

    Uber Eats Launches Live Activities Support, Making Order Tracking More Convenient Than Ever

    In a move that’s sure to delight food delivery enthusiasts around the world, Uber Eats has begun rolling out Live Activities support to iPhone users. This new feature will make it easier than ever to track the progress of an order in real-time, without the need to constantly check the app. Currently available to a…

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  • Uber Live Activities

    Track Your Uber Ride in Real-Time with the Latest iPhone App Update

    Uber has just announced a new update to its iPhone app that includes support for Live Activities in over 1,200 cities worldwide. The feature, which has been in testing for several months, is now available to all iPhone users with the new version of the app available to download from the App Store starting today.…

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  • CarPlay

    Uber Driver App Gets CarPlay Support

    Uber is taking its in-car experience to the next level with the addition of CarPlay support to its Driver app, according to a report from TechCrunch. The integration will allow drivers to access the Uber app from their vehicle’s dashboard display, offering a more convenient and streamlined experience for those who are constantly on the…

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