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Tesla app Tease Apple AirPlay Integration

In a move that has piqued the curiosity of Tesla enthusiasts worldwide, it seems that Apple’s sought-after CarPlay feature may not be making its way into Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) anytime soon. However, a recent discovery indicates that Tesla’s audio engineering team has set its sights on the next best thing: integrating Apple’s wireless audio technology, AirPlay.

This development, combined with Elon Musk’s positive signals from over a year ago, fuels speculation that AirPlay support could be added to Tesla EVs in the near future. Imagine the convenience of wirelessly streaming music and podcasts from your iPhone to your Tesla sound system without the need for Bluetooth pairing. Let’s delve into the details.

Over a year ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk sparked excitement when he mentioned the possibility of considering AirPlay support to elevate wireless audio quality for music playback from iPhones. His tweet indicated a willingness to explore this option and discuss potential improvements with Tesla’s audio engineering team.

Now, a recent development has added further weight to the possibility of AirPlay integration in Tesla EVs. Twitter user @Tesla_iOS_App, in collaboration with Not A Tesla App, decompiled the latest version of the Tesla iPhone app and stumbled upon an intriguing reference: “allowsAirPlayForMediaPlayback.”

Although AirPlay functionality from iPhone to Tesla vehicles has not been observed in action yet, this discovery strongly suggests that the Tesla audio engineering team has begun laying the groundwork for incorporating Apple’s wifi-based audio streaming method.

When considering the positive signals emanating from Elon Musk and the presence of AirPlay-related references within the Tesla app’s code, it becomes increasingly plausible that AirPlay might find its way into Tesla EVs sooner rather than later.

Apple has made significant enhancements to AirPlay in recent years, enabling support for high-quality 24-bit/48kHz audio playback over wifi. In addition to superior audio fidelity, integrating AirPlay would grant both drivers and passengers the ability to effortlessly stream their favorite music and podcasts directly from their iPhones to the Tesla sound system, eliminating the need for Bluetooth pairing altogether.

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Although Apple CarPlay remains elusive for Tesla EVs, the emergence of AirPlay as a potential alternative has captured the attention of Tesla enthusiasts. With tantalizing hints from Elon Musk and the discovery of AirPlay-related references within the Tesla iPhone app’s code, the integration of this wireless audio technology appears to be a compelling possibility on the horizon.

As Tesla’s audio engineering team lays the groundwork for a seamless audio streaming experience, the day may not be far off when Tesla EV owners can relish the convenience of wirelessly transmitting their favorite music and podcasts directly to their vehicle’s sound system, revolutionizing the in-car entertainment experience. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development.

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