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United Airlines Enhances iPhone App with Live Activities and Dynamic Island Support

United Airlines has unveiled an exciting update to its iPhone app, bringing a host of new features to enhance the travel experience for its passengers. The latest update introduces support for Live Activities and Dynamic Island, allowing United customers to access vital flight tracking information with utmost ease and efficiency.

With the integration of Live Activities, United passengers gain swift access to essential details such as their boarding passes, gate information, seat numbers, and even a countdown clock displaying their departure time. What makes this feature truly remarkable is its visibility on the Lock Screen, even when the iPhone is locked and the United app is closed. Additionally, for users of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, the information can also be conveniently viewed on ‌Dynamic Island‌.

United Airlines takes great pride in being the first U.S. airline to implement support for Live Activities, further solidifying its commitment to providing cutting-edge technological advancements for its customers. This groundbreaking feature was introduced in response to the remarkable frequency with which United customers check their mobile boarding passes and flight status—an astounding 800,000 times each day.

When it’s time to board the plane, passengers can simply tap the Live Activities widget, which seamlessly opens up their boarding pass. Once onboard, travelers are treated to an in-flight countdown, ensuring they stay informed and aware throughout their journey.

The Live Activities integration also offers a plethora of other vital flight information, including the flight number, flight status, inbound aircraft status, estimated departure and arrival times, departure and arrival gates, as well as baggage carousel details.

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United Airlines aims to make Live Activities widely available to all its customers by the end of May, delivering a streamlined and efficient travel experience. However, numerous users have already reported being able to access this impressive feature. To benefit from Live Activities, passengers will need an up-to-date United app and an ‌iPhone‌ running iOS 16.1 or later.

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