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Vision Pro In-Person Labs Await Increased Developer Demand as US Devs Yearn for More Location Options

Last week, Apple ignited excitement among developers worldwide as it opened applications for the Vision Pro developer kit and in-person developer labs. This novel technology promises to revolutionize the way users interact with apps and games through an infinite spatial canvas.

However, reports suggest that the in-person labs have not been as bustling as anticipated, particularly in the United States. Developers are airing their concerns about the limited choice of locations, with Cupertino being the sole option within the country. Today, we delve into the current state of the Vision Pro in-person labs, exploring the reasons behind the perceived “under-filled” status and the potential for growth in the coming months.

Apple’s Vision Pro developer labs present a unique opportunity for developers to get up close and personal with the highly anticipated headset. With guidance and assistance from Apple’s engineers, participants can test and refine their apps and games, ensuring they are fully optimized for this groundbreaking technology. The prospect of leveraging an “infinite spatial canvas” has the developer community buzzing with excitement.

Despite the promise of an immersive experience at the in-person labs, the demand from developers in the United States has been rather lackluster, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Gurman took to Twitter to share that the Vision Pro developer labs “have been under-filled” so far. One glaring issue that developers in the US are facing is the lack of choice in locations, with Cupertino being the sole host city within the country.

Hearing so far that the Vision Pro developer labs (to test apps on actual hardware) have been under-filled with small amounts of developers. Some developers emphasized that the company isn’t offering any east coast sessions, with Cupertino the only option for the entire US.

While US developers may feel constrained by Cupertino’s exclusivity, Apple is expanding its outreach to other corners of the world. Vision Pro developer labs are available in vibrant tech hubs such as London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo. This global presence aims to cater to developers across various regions, providing them with a chance to explore Vision Pro’s capabilities and unlock its potential.

The subdued response to the in-person labs in the United States may be attributed to several factors. Firstly, developers might not be fully prepared to test their apps on the Vision Pro hardware, especially if the process entails significant expenses and travel to Cupertino. As the release date for Vision Pro to consumers draws closer (set for “early 2024”), more developers are likely to finalize their plans and express greater interest in these labs.

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Furthermore, many developers might be awaiting news about the status of their applications for the Vision Pro developer kit. The kit, which is shipped directly to chosen applicants, allows developers to test their apps from the comfort of their own homes. This approach appeals to those who prefer a remote testing environment and might explain the comparatively low interest in in-person labs.

To foster greater interest and accommodate the needs of developers in the United States, Apple could consider expanding the in-person labs to other prominent cities beyond Cupertino. Locations like Austin and New York could potentially attract a broader audience and make it more convenient for developers from different regions to participate.

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