Apple Cinema 30-inch HD Display 2004 Explained

Apple Cinema Display with DVI port
Source: – Apple Cinema Display with DVI port

In the realm of display technology, certain products stand out as pioneers, setting the benchmark for quality and innovation. One such groundbreaking product was the Apple Cinema 30-inch Display 2004, also known as Aluminum or DVI. Launched on June 28, 2004, by Apple, this display revolutionized the industry with its exceptional features and design.

Before we dive into the specifics of the Apple Cinema 30-inch Display, let’s understand the context of its release. In 2004, LCD displays were gaining prominence, offering superior image quality and space-saving designs compared to traditional CRT monitors. However, most displays were limited in size and resolution, catering primarily to general consumers.

Enter Apple with its visionary approach towards display technology. The Apple Cinema 30-inch Display was not just another monitor; it was a tool crafted for professionals who demanded uncompromising performance and precision. Priced at a premium starting at $3,299, it was clear that Apple was targeting a niche market of creative individuals, graphic designers, and multimedia professionals who required a large canvas with impeccable color accuracy.

At the heart of the Apple Cinema 30-inch Display was its stunning 30-inch widescreen active-matrix LCD with an unprecedented resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels. This was a game-changer, offering users an expansive workspace with unparalleled clarity and detail. Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO at the time, emphasized the significance of this display, calling it “the largest desktop canvas ever created.”

The design of the display was equally impressive, featuring an all-new aluminum enclosure with a thin bezel that showcased the screen in all its glory. The adjustable hinge stand added a touch of elegance while ensuring ergonomic flexibility for users. Connectivity was seamless with dual FireWire and dual USB 2.0 ports, providing easy access to peripherals.

Mac mini and Cinema Display
Source: – Mac mini and Cinema Display

What truly set the Apple Cinema 30-inch Display apart was its commitment to quality and innovation. It wasn’t just about the size or resolution; it was about delivering an immersive viewing experience that surpassed industry standards. With a color gamut certified by SWOP Incorporated and wide-viewing angles of up to 170 degrees, this display set a new benchmark for color accuracy and consistency.

Even after its initial release, Apple didn’t rest on its laurels. In 2006, the display received a silent upgrade, further enhancing its brightness, viewing angles, contrast ratio, and response time. This commitment to improvement ensured that users always had access to the best possible experience, pushing the boundaries of display technology with each iteration.

Despite its success and acclaim, all good things must come to an end. The Apple Cinema 30-inch Display with DVI port was discontinued in 2010, marking the end of an era. However, its legacy lives on, cherished by professionals and enthusiasts alike for its groundbreaking features and timeless design.

The Apple Cinema 30-inch Display 2004 remains a testament to Apple’s dedication to innovation and quality. From its revolutionary design to its industry-leading specifications, this display continues to inspire awe even 19 years after its release. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a nostalgic enthusiast, the legacy of the Apple Cinema 30-inch Display will undoubtedly endure for generations to come.

Power Mac G5 and Cinema Display
Source: – Power Mac G5 and Cinema Display

Apple Cinema 30-inch HD Display Details

IntroducedJune 28, 2004 – 19 years ago
UpgradeAugust 7, 2006 – 17 years ago
DiscontinuedJuly 27, 2010 – 13 years ago
Time on the Market5 years
Model NumberA1083
Order NumberM9179LL/A
Original Price$3,299
Weight27.5 Ibs.
12.473 KG
Dimensions21.3” H x 27.2” W x 8.46” D
54.1 cm H x 69.08 cm W x 21.48 cm D

System Requirements

  • Mac or PC with a graphics card that supports full dual-link DVI port


  • VESA FDMI (MIS-D, 100, C)

Display Specs

Viewable Area29.7”
Colors16.7 million
Brightness270 cd/m²
400 cd/m²*
Resolutions1024 x 640
1280 x 800
1920 x 1200
2048 x 1280
2560 x 1600
Viewing Angle170° horizontal / 170° vertical
178° horizontal / 178° vertical*
Contrast Ratio400:1
Response Time16 ms
14 ms*
Pixel Pitch0.250 mm
Pixel Density101.65 ppi
*Updated specification from August 7, 2006.


Connection1 – dual-link DVI
Ports2 – USB 2.0 480 Mbps
2 – FireWire 400 Mbps


Maximum Continuous Power150 W

Apple Cinema HD Display Introduction

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